The Triangle-Headed Boy And His Brother


Phineas & Ferb
:star::star: Back-line Control
Team: Red

“Ferb, I know what we’re gonna to do today!”

The youngest, and possibly greatest, inventors of all use their various creations in the field


Entrance: Jump into position

Victory: They jump in celebration

Defeat: They hang their heads in shame


Basic Attack: Phineas fires a baseball launcher at the back-most enemy and Ferb throws a hammer at the enemy with the least HP.

White Skill: What We’re Doing Today


Normal Damage :fist:
The player chooses one of three inventions to perform:

Roller Coaster: Phineas & Ferb ride their roller coaster across the field, dealing X Damage to all enemies and stunning them for 8 seconds. Deals Normal Damage.

Cattle Drive: Phineas & Ferb drive a stampede of cattle through the field, dealing X Damage to all enemies and shuffling all buffs and debuffs on the enemy team. Deals Fantastic Damage.

Time Machine: Phineas & Ferb hop into their time machine and disappear for a second. When they return, allies have their Attack Speed increased by 35% for the rest of the wave and they are healed for X HP.

While on auto, Phineas & Ferb will ride their roller coaster, derive cattle, then travel through time.

While wearing The Beak Armor, they will turn around and activate their jet pack, dealing X Damage over 12 seconds to nearby enemies.

Green Skill: Motorized Chariots


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
At the start of each wave, Phineas & Ferb ride in a chariot across the field, dealing X Damage to all enemies.

While wearing beak armor, they will fly across the field, dealing X Damage.

Blue Skill: With These Blueprints


Phineas & Ferb look at a set of blueprints, increasing their Armor by X and studying three random enemies for 10 seconds.

While wearing The Beak Armor, they will scan the enemy team, studying all enemies for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: The Beak


When Phineas & Ferb first reach 0 HP, The Beak Armor flies towards them, transforming them into The Beak and healing them for X HP. While wearing The Beak Armor, their Armor is increased by X and studies dealt by Phineas & Ferb and allies last 4 seconds longer.

Red Skill: Daily Invention


Each time an enemy is studied, Phineas & Ferb gain X Skill Power plus Y Armor if they are wearing The Beak Armor. Each time Phineas & Ferb damage an enemy while wearing The Beak Armor, the target’s Normal crit chance is decreased by 10.

+X Basic Damage
+Y Tenacity
+Z Damage from Motorized Chariots


Phineas & Ferb and WALL-E
Campaign: Time For Some Upgrades
Disk: Rebooting - Each time an enemy is studied, they lose 10 energy plus 10 energy per star.
+X Reality
Description: Phineas & Ferb make some modifications to WALL-E
Allies: Felix, Dash, Hiro

Phineas & Ferb and Candace Flynn
Campaign: Inventor’s Delight
Disk: Super Sundae - Allies have their Movement Speed increase by 10% per studied enemy plus 5% per star.
+X Skill Power
Description: Candace asks the boys to invent something for their mom’s birthday.
Allies: EVE, Violet, Joy

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Is there a Disney concept you would like to request @Bunny_Cat?

First, you didn’t say ANYTHING about any all Disney requests. Second, I would like Ortensia pls.

My bad :sweat_smile:

It’s okay.

Amazing concept. Phineas & Ferb is such a iconic show. I hope the two, Perry and Doof come soon. The demand is quite high for them after all

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