This Concept is Too Shiny! - Tamatoa(Likely Concept)

I Know a lot of people made this concept before, but I wanted to create one with my own Ideas. Feel free to leave any feedback!

Hero Info


Hero Name: Tamatoa
Source: Moana
Stars: :star: :star:
Position and Role: Frontline Tank Hero
Trial Team: Yellow
Mastery Collections: Tank
Entrance: Walks into position(both)
Victory: Shines his shell(Base Form) Shines his body(bioluminescent)
Defeat: Hides his head in his shell(both)
Basic Attack: Smashes enemies with one of his legs.
Description: Oh, Shiny! Tamatoa will harden his armor and extend his blinds by looting enemies while remaining fabulous on the battlefield.
Quote: “Well Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam. I was a drab little crab once. But now I know I can be happy as a clam. Because I’m beautiful baby!”

:white_circle: Shiny! :fist: Normal Damage
Passive: Everytime an enemy is K.Oed, Tamatoa gains 1 stack of “Loot”. Each Stack of “Loot” grants Y Armor and Reality to Tamatoa. Tamatoa keeps all of these Stacks per Wave.
Active: Tamatoa shines his shell at enemies, dealing X damage and blinding them for 8 seconds. This skill will deal Y more damage and will blind for 0.5 more seconds per Stack of Loot Tamatoa has.

:green_circle: Your Armor is Just not hard enough! :fist: Normal Damage
Tamatoa swipes his claw at nearby enemies, dealing X Damage to them, knocking them back and reducing their armor by X. This skill deals Y more damage per stack of “Loot” Tamatoa has.

:large_blue_circle: Glamourous Bioluminescence
When Tamatoa reaches 50% of his Max HP, he enters his bioluminescent form. In this form, Tamatoa gains X Skill Power and Reality and his basic attacks and Your Armor is Just nor hard enough will blind enemies for 3 seconds.

:purple_circle: I’ve made myself a work of art
Whenever Tamatoa gains a Stack of “Loot” or blinds an enemy, he heals himself for X HP and gains X Armor.

:red_circle: Immortal Decapod
Tamatoa can now enter his Bioluminescent form when he K.Oes 2 enemies. Whenever Tamatoa damages a blinded enemy, he gains X Armor and Reality and 1 Stack of Hardy.
Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Damage to Shiny!
+Z Armor granted by each Stack of Loot
+Z Reality granted by each Stack of Loot

Battle Badge

Is Charged in Battle When: Blind is applied to 4 enemies
Stat Boosts: +X Armor; +Y Reality per Tank Role Ally
Enhacement Bonus: Invincible for 10 seconds


Tamatoa + Scrooge McDuck
Campaign: The greatest loot!: Tamatoa learns about Scrooge’s Money Bin and tries to steal from it, but can’t pass the security. Then, Scrooge offers a job as a Security Guard to Tamatoa.
Allies: Randall, Scar, Donald
Disk Name: The Shiniest Bodyguard
Effects: +X Armor and Reality to allies per Stack of Loot
Stars: Tamatoa now also gains 1 stack of “Loot” when an ally is K.Oed. Stacks of Loot granted by the defeat of allies grant +50% Attack Speed to Tamatoa for 4(+2 per star) seconds.

Tamatoa + Davy Jones
Campaign: Ancient Pirates: Tamatoa and Davy share stories about their legendary loots and fights.
Allies: Ursula, Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow
Disk Name: He is not Shiny, but is Cool nonetheless
Effects: +X Max HP; +50 Tenacity
Stars: Once when Tamatoa reaches 1 HP, he activates Shiny and goes Berserk for 4(+2 per star) seconds


I’ll say this:
Glad you think he is likely :sparkles: :crab: :sparkles:


Even if he is basically unlikely



Yeah, but we can still dream


If it’s Disney / Pixar it’s likely

Except Tamatoa and Mary poppins, etc


PB hasn’t de-confirmed Tamatoa, yet. They said

They didn’t go out and say “Tamatoa won’t come to the game.” Although, Polaris (or other dev) if you could just deconfirm Tamatoa (or say he isn’t off the table), preferably the latter :grin: that would be appreciated…


Well no, but actually yes



If i would be instead of tamota i would not dare trying to stealing scrooge s dim since scrooge would obviously beat him and stop him if he discovered tamota tried to stealing his dime

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