This contest... this contest, just UH (Contest Talk Thread)

Or both. (10)

I mean what motivation have players to be active if someone gets 2 deals for roughly the same price as them?

While the gold reduction in surge has certainly hurt (particularly since it even cut some into the sub-10M districts, discouraging the people who most needed to participate), I’d say that the preponderance of Zeus teams has been the biggest deterrent to surge participation. The other day 15 of the first 19 districts in our guild’s surge had Zeus. I think I made just 4 or 5 attacks that day, because after that I was out of counters and any further attacks would have just been a waste of power that could’ve been used in raiding.

I miss the days when PerBlue actually tried to keep any one hero from dominating the meta so thoroughly, instead of actively encouraging that domination…

Anyway, getting off topic. It’s still possible for guild members who have plenty of gold to just hire mercs that otherwise wouldn’t get hired and run them against any available district, even if it’s a hopeless cause. Not exactly the ideal way to generate points, but I try to burn through the soon-to-expire mercs at least a few times during contests like this.

I can see arguing that the points for this contest ought to be increased a bit to make it somewhat easier to complete the progress tiers. I absolutely do not want the CW and guild coin scoring methods removed, as those are two ways for even lower-ranked guilds, if they have enough active players, to score 10M points.


Why haven’t we had Yellow exp drink as a part of scoring system @loutre @Nugget ???

This hurts us, the high lv player soooo much as we can’t gain any other exp drink except yellow and red from port :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And why in the world the score for disc power is that low??? 4 point for 1??? Seriously???


Last time this happened I had to drop the level down in ports just so I could get the xp drinks but yes this needs changing

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Well ask players why they put Zeus in their Arena defenses :roll_eyes:

I’d rather ask why doesn’t pb restrict the amount a toon can appear per district. But I know wouldn’t get an answer or get an answer not satisfied with so don’t bother.


@Nugget @Loutre please pleaaaaaaaaaase tell the devs to change the rewards to some more exclusive heroes… Sisu starts to be about as obnoxious as Zeus and we still get her after 4 months :roll_eyes:

At this point, even the Arena/Coli/CW Crate heroes would have been a bigger help… or a rotation of 3 out of all event exclusive heroes. Not diamond crates.


You’ve got to be kidding me…


55k points is hardly going to make or break the contest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Where is your maths? 30 x 5 is 150. 150k

Oh or you are 11 levels below 330?


@Nugget Is this correct? We have to level Meilin up 30 times to get 5000 points, so we’ll earn 55,000 points for getting her to level 330?

EDIT: Wait, no, I think it’ll be 50,000 points, since she starts at level 1.

It’s not the point making that ticks me off, it’s the fact that it’s usually ranking and not leveling, so I leveled her up and left her at white. Now I’m screwed over.

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Oh wait… maybe it’s skill levels.

330 + 330 + 310 + 290… /30 = 42
210 / 30 = 7

so total theoretically possible 49 x 5k = 245k… more likely… around 215k-220k.

No that’s a different one, this is leveling a toon.

In that case it should have been 16 times instead of 30… usually these bonus points account to about 100k.

And 330/16 is actually 20. x 5k = 100k.

well, yeah, at least not to a huge extent. I always hold off on the prize wall hero completely until contest announcement, there have been a few contests featuring them - though yeah I think this is the first level based one


Yeah I didn’t think they would do level-based ones so I went ahead and leveled her. Good to know that there’s no point on working on the Prize Wall toon at ALL on the first day. What’s next, stars???

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recent contest rotation since late august:

  • FTN
  • Badge Bit Collector Guild Contest
  • City Champion Contest (win city watch, earn prize wall tokens, earn heist tokens, spend gold, promote 22, win city watch with 22)
  • FTN
  • Badge Bit Collector Guild Contest
  • City Champion Contest (win arena battle, earn heist tokens, spend gold, spend stamina, level up meilin)

i know the city champion contests have different scoring methods, but these are similar “spend gold and do heists” contests, we need more variety in contest scoring and prizes

badge bit collector guild contests has been running for two straight cycle. we never have this before

I feel like from this point onwards we might only see those 3 contests…

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