This contest... this contest, just UH (Contest Talk Thread)

That really is too bad wirh so much potential in contests…
Getting really stale really quickly tbh

@Nugget there is no Prize Wall Tokens scoring option.




Is there a plan to introduce new contests? Contests used to be more fun and there used to be more variety in terms of what contests there were and how to earn contest points. Now, there are only 3 different contests, FTN, City champion, and guild badge bit collector. Also, the scoring doesn’t change when comparing 2 of the same contests, i.e. city champion contest compared to another city champion contest.


No Voyd hero chips as rewards @Nugget? :frowning:

What an absolute awful contest scoring and rewards

Our of the three heroes Mary is the only useful one, most people dont have the other two leveled and even if they do, you get wiped out of city watch with Ian alone using all three of those

This is really disappointing to see the lack of new contests and forcing people to spend diamonds to hit progress, not at all trying to close the gap between high spenders and F2P players


I might have been wrong about the game having no more players by the end of next year… #sooner


Well it is obvious there will be some players left. However, it seems likely the dev team is now just trying to reduce the playerbase so that 1+14 are merged soon.

Server 14 is definitely getting quieter, I can’t remember the last time my guild actually had a war that either side cleared tier 2. Increasingly common is wars with one or two attacks made, it’s basically just decided by mmr rank. Hiest never has anything available (unsurprisingly) and invasion has been quieter. Not uncommon to see lots of people not battling in lower arena and coli challenger leagues. I’m making rank on contests I ignore just by being active. The guild has about 10 reliables currently and its increasingly rare to get recruits, even as an open guild. Let alone one that sticks around and keeps playing for any length of time. Definitely seems like the player base is shrinking, especially since our server had a merge not that long ago.

I mean… it could be the aim of the dev team. Or it could be some adverse effect.

Though I am not exactly sure what the dev team is expecting out of a 3-week hero release time an s 4-week cap raise time. Especially since the stamina costs are getting more and more horrendous.

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Yeah the current QoL isn’t very good, especially on reaching yellow rank. Stamina especially is far too low. I feel that contributes considerably to what we’re seeing, along with the game now on the older side, competing with Sorcerer’s Arena and now Disney Mirrorverse too.
Personally I feel the game might be in better standing if the hero power creep was better leveled out and all heros were relatively useable. As it stands most of the older heros are fragile to outright bad, a real bummer if they’re among your favorites. Not to mention all the resources put into them. Friend campaigns and trial events display this the worst I think, where limited selection hits hard.

Google is also trying it seems…

Unfortunate though…


This is because they need to update it, there’s no point going into invasion if most the rewards are garbage. Like, 6 stamina consumables? What the heck?

I wish PB could give mods upgrades and prize wall tokens again, like they used to be.

Elite resets and mission speed-ups, or CW resets/Epic Keys would be good too.

It seems we’re getting always same rewards over and over, the only change is the hero chips, woah. :disappointed:
Even the amounts of hero chips is poor.


Ah, the golden era of August - mid-October '21.

I miss those times. Dev team was far more generous with mod upgrades unlike now…

Well, at least the badge crates are now safely back (Trial Events) @Nugget. Hopefully the rest of that “golden era” will come back too.


Is it too late to say this contest is HORRIBLE :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: we are currently rank 36th in server 1 and we haven’t reached 10M :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

There is only 1 day left, which means many guild won’t even reach the final progress rewards :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Why have you guys made such horrible contest? To chase away the last remaining players??? @nugget @loutre @elliot


Judging from PerBlue’s actions (or the lack thereof) over the past year or so, it does seem like that the decision makers feel players have too much of certain resources; I’m wondering if lowering the number of guilds getting all the progress rewards is a deliberate method of limiting those resources. It certainly doesn’t seem accidental, at any rate.


The general feel on here, ingame and on the different discord servers from players is that it seems is that players have too much resources to keep up the 190+ heroes and that there are too many players to merge servers
So therefore increasing the difficulty of contests, reducing the exciting content being released and keeping the increased cost of badges, skills and memory disks on its exponential trajectory will help players to quit in order merge servers in the near future.


I think it’s a rather consistent degrading of contest towards FtN territory (aka garbage payfest).

With 18 hours (or 1/8 of the contest length) to go, server one has had thirty guilds reach the 10 million mark. Another 20 are between 8.5M and 10M, and so are in a decent position to reach that goal.

Of course, that’s to be expected when meeting every goal for the additional scoring in each category would still leave a guild with over 1.7 million points to somehow collect, even with everything now worth far fewer points.

If this is the future of guild contests, I don’t see the point in bothering.


Now if anyone from PerBlue starts saying anything about these contests being balanced @Nugget, they are just blatantly not telling a bit of truth.

How in the sake of god is this balanced? And no, don’t tell me that maxing those limited points would get the guild 10M because it just won’t.

If this is how the contests will be in the future, leaning towards the ridiculousness of FtN, then we should just start packing our stuff. There’s no point in trying.
Whales getting Duff chips while honest players getting a big naught. Yeaaaaaah, balanced.

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