This contest... this contest, just UH (Contest Talk Thread)

On our server, only 46 guild reached 10M :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: the 47th guild was so close (9.99M) but didn’t get lucky til the end :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I mean, what on earth was this kind of contest??? It was super hard, and there was time I thought our guild couldn’t complete it

It was sooooo stressful… And what was the point of it? Some lousy hero chips who I don’t use?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Without the badge booster crates, I/we wouldn’t try that hard

And now why the rewards were nerfed?

For few months now the hero exclusive chips were given in double amounts than what is given now.

Really? Hard to achieve, and now rewards are worse? :roll_eyes:

Rotations already make it difficult to get chips, you don’t need to make it harder!


You know what is actually worse? The “second wave” of Y20 badges (which had formerly those crafted by 3 other badges) will now cost 40k more stamina than the “first wave”.

I called it, the dev team is going crazy at us.


Together with the event exclusive crate that never appears,
The badge cost for Y20 seems to be skyrocketing coming tomorrow

Add the fact that we just had a city watch contest, squeezing us for more city watch resets

They really are trying to make us quit…really sad


I mean, you can just as well spent a truckload of gold instead… :man_shrugging:
But yeah many people don’t have that.

I’d say, however, that it is more of Arena/Gold contest overall

Any chance we could beg for the 240 hero chips given in previous contest progress rewards… for Perry @Nugget @Loutre?


I have a feeling that they are the one clueless about their own in game economy :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

We need 3k, if not more, to max red skill, yet the amount of hero chips they give us has never been enough :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

240 is nothing, and now we get half of it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Sooooo balancing…soooo understanding…

I guess they just want all players to pay for the game now, f2p can quit for all they care (if they ever do) :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: if that is your goal, congrats, you are doing a tremendous job, Perblue


I am stunned. So after a really hard contest we get… this?

@Nugget could the team behind contests keep some consistency to them. Preferably them being the way the current one is?


Yeah after FtN and the hard guild contest we get something that is laughable really.

But considering they nerfed the rewards, it also isn’t that surprising for this contest. I only don’t get the why.

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Feels like Goldilocks: too hot! Too cold!

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Good news, the rewards are back to where they were before!

And I’m sure that we’ll see that higher number of chips the next time we have a contest that’s relatively easy for all players, and not just whales. Right?

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The constant increase in ftn difficulty is ridiculous.

Just look at the points nerf since the last contest.


I didn’t knew PB increased diamond rewards in the game… oh wait, they didn’t.
So why asking for more diamonds in the contest? :confused:


I think it might be a set automatic thing in the code that the requirements increase over time resource wise for Fortify The Network contests, so might have to be manually changed.

Not sure, but at least something I see as likely.

This is the requirements from a year ago, October 2021:

October 2020:

October 2019:


The diamond requirement looks fair here

Stamina… ehm 115k might be a little too low now, but the current 690k was way too big of a jump

Like lack of getting new guild perks, people have been complaining about this for a while. @The_Real_Numi has even argued he gets if stamania points decreases even if the increase in stamania from each level increased (even if it isn’t proportional enough), but gems shouldn’t be since we don’t get more free gems everyday and therefore that shouldnt be decreasing.

The excuse is always the game economy why they do it. It’s why I feel a lot just don’t bother much with this contest that aren’t whales Becuase they simply just can’t afford to progress.

Again like people been saying for years… believe the progress tiers should be easy for everyone to join… let the spenders battle it out for rank from there, but hey what do we know.

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it’s not really 690k…
if you read correctly it’s 690k for “Use 3 stamina” and “Use 1 stamina” is unlimited…

so x + 1/3 x = 1M => 4/3 x = 1M
you need 750k stamina (3/4 x of 1M)

at the same time diamonds give still 500k points, so you really need just 500k points from stamina anyway…
that would be 375k stamina, but diamonds are worse overall

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it didn’t start yet :man_shrugging:


LMAO this is nice


And for some unknown reasons, the rewards got decreased :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: especially hero chips, which we never have enough :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

You guys truly listen to your players all the time. What we need, you guys cut down. Such great customer service. No wonder people quit this game


I just play normally and not play contests anymore asin- I’m not going out of my way to do anything differently if they can’t even fix rewards. It may be off topic or just not make sense or not but they’re kinda following the pattern of a lot of companies now, ignoring fans, making changes nobody wants. Disappointing. (And now I feel like they can only respond to sentences with money in it,I mean them and all companies)

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