Tiana Concept by @Irrer_Minnie_VIII

Hey guys!
This is my newest Concept for a Character from my favorite Disney movie: Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. This Concept has got a new look with amazing Skill Icons! They’ll be added to older Concepts too, so don’t worry! :wink:Now, just enjoy another Concept of mine!
Greetings, Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:


Tiana is a 1-Star, Backline, Support Hero
Trial Team: yellow
Quote: The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work!
Description: Tiana works hard and cooks amazing food to support her allies.
Appear: Tiana walks in carrying a plate with Beignets on it
Victory: Tiana salutes
Defeat: Tiana drops the plate
Basic Attack: Tiana throws a Beignet at an enemy dealing X damage


White: Almost there

Passive: With every Basic Attack Tiana applies one Stack of Gumbo to an ally. Active Stacks of Gumbo increase hero’s Attack Speed by 25% and Reality by X.

Active: Tiana removes all active Stacks of Gumbo from allies increasing their Attack Speed by 150% for ten seconds and healing them with X HP per removed Stack of Gumbo.

Green: Daddy’s Gumbo Pot!
Tiana takes out her Daddy’s Gumbo Pot, remembers her dad and heals herself and all allies with X HP applying one Stack of Gumbo to herself.

Blue: Coming Through
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Tiana puts sugar on the Beignets but takes too much. A cloud of sugar flies to the enemies dealing X damage over ten seconds to all of them and blinding them for five seconds.
The blind can fail against enemies above Level X.

Purple: No Time for Dancing
Tiana increases all allies’ Basic Damage and Skill Power by X.

Red: Climbed a Mountain, crossed a River
When Tiana’s Max HP falls below 50% the first time in a wave she becomes invincible for five seconds and removes all active debuffs from allies and herself.

+X Max HP
+X Armor
+X damage dealt by Coming Through


Tiana/Queen of Hearts
Dinner for the Queen
Allies: Linguini and Remy, Peter Pan, Evil Queen
Disk: Strawberry Cake
Tiana gains a Shield with X HP per Level at the begin of each wave
Coming Through blinds one second longer per Star

A Restaurant for the Digital City
Allies: Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh, Bo Peep
Disk: Master Chef
Tiana’s Max HP is increased by X per Level
Tiana’s allies deal 10% more damage to Control enemies per Star


Feedback is appreciated.
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Look at the new Skill Icons here:


Me and my mom watch the princess and the frog, so tiana would be nice, I give 10

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