Toaster (the Brave Little Toaster Hero Concept)



Toaster hypes up his allies by boosting their morale and self-esteem, and is ultimately determined to keep his friends safe from any potential threats.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Well, you can do what you like. We’re not gonna give up hope.”

Entrance: Toaster walks into the battlefield, and climbs onto his Kleen soap box.
Victory: Toaster cheers.
KO: Toaster overheats, making him frown in frustration.

Basic Attack: Toaster launches burnt toast at enemies.

White Skill - Breakfast Is Ready - Normal Damage
Toaster launches two slices of toast at two random allies, granting them X HP and X energy.

Green Skill - Sunbeam Reflect
Toaster reflects sunlight off of himself to blind enemies for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill - Moral Support
Toaster shouts triumphantly, granting X additional Skill power and 40% additional attack speed to allies for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill - I Am Serious
If an ally reaches 0HP, regardless of whether or not they revive themselves, Toaster grants himself X additional Skill power and 50% additional attack speed. This can only occur one per wave.

Red Skill - No Matter What
Each time Toaster performs his “Sunbeam Reflect” skill, allies gain X HP for every second enemies are blinded. His max HP is increased to X, and his attack speed is increased by 20%.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Breakfast Is Ready

Toaster + WALL-E
Campaign: Allied Machines - WALL-E is astounded by Toaster’s anthropomorphism. After befriending the appliance, they both venture throughout the City to explore new things that peak their interests. During several creep encounters, WALL-E stops at nothing to defend his friend.
Disk: Friends to the End
Disk Memory: Toaster deals 50% additional damage when performing his Basic skill.
Disk Power: Z HP gain
Allies: Chief Bogo, Shego, Mushu

Toaster + Buzz Lightyear
Campaign: A New Purpose - Without his Master, Toaster finds himself stuck in a strange world, with no one to look after. However, he acquires Buzz’s guidance in pursuing a lifestyle where he can help others in other ways.
Disk: Assistance Award
Disk Memory: Each time Toaster performs his “Moral Support” skill, he also grants himself the Skill power boost and extra attack speed for 8 seconds.
Disk Power: Z Blue Skill power, Z energy gain
Allies: Joy, Scrooge McDuck, Genie


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