Tragic’s Proposed Balance Changes

Tragic’s Proposed Balance Changes

Hello fellow fourmers! Welcome to my hero balancing lab. Here will be buffing and nerfing certain hero’s aspects. This won’t be purely refreshes, which is why this is called “balance changes”. Anyways, let’s start with Basil.


Congratu-freaking-lations perblue! You have just made quite possibly the worst hero in 2020, and possibly the worst hero in the entire game! He has poor stats, terrible skill set, limited disk usage, and dissatisfaction in major players! You’ve just invented a new kind of stupid! sigh

Anways, Basil, like all bottom tier 2020 characters, is a character with really high damage potential. He has crazy high numbers in his skill that can make him hit hard to studied enemies. But alas, his poor skill set caused him to be stuck in a cycle of mediocrity for who knows how long. What he needs is a tune in his senses, a perk in his defenses, tentiacy, evasion, and armor negation. Sort of like poetry because it rhymes.

What Basil needs in terms of badges is some survivability against CC and a way for him to hit harder. He needs badges that provide Tentiacy or evasion (either will work, just give him a chance to fight back) and armor negation. The stats he has currently is vomit material.


On The Mark
Basil scans enemies’ weak points and throws darts at them. Basil targets the enemy with the least HP with each dart, dealing damage to each enemy and studying them.

•	Basil should instead target enemy with most HP
•	Basil should also refrain from using this on invincible or berserk heroes
•	This can also deal damage to enemies between Basil and the targeted enemy.

One complaint with this is that Basil will target invincible heroes like Hades and it’ll make it a complete waste. By ultimately changing it up a bit by making him target the healthiest enemy thats not invulnerable as well as damaging any enemies in between can make this more hitting than it can already.

Clever Concoction
Basil throws an Erlenmeyer flask at the farthest studied enemy, dealing damage over time to enemies in an area.

•	Should target backline enemies, studied or not
•	Could also slow the enemy’s attack and movement speed by 40% or a stun 

This is just a meh. It’s not really that great so adding something like a slow can make this more interesting and really make him more of a control hero.

Good Deduction
Every few seconds, Basil dodges an enemy’s basic attack or skill and counters by studying the attacker.

•	Reduce the Cooldown to 8 seconds
•	Should also do something else like a sap, energy or armor removal

This is the worst skill in the game. No question. Just a simple Cooldown will fix this and also adding something else will make him more of a control hero like his previous skill.

Closer Inspection
Basil gains energy whenever an enemy is studied.

•	Reduce energy gain to 25

This will actually help Basil more than it does harm. This will ensure he can do anything else other than his white.

Wise Observation
Basil removes energy when he damages a studied enemy with “On The Mark.” Every few basic attacks, Basil applies a damage over time to an enemy.

•	DOT effect applies to every 3rd dart and not just basic attacks.

This skill’s secondary effect is completely useless considering that his purple will make him do less basic attacks. By making it apply to every 3rd dart it can be used with his white.

Friendship Disks:

Randall- “Perfect Clue”

•	Healing should apply to disabled and studied enemies
•	Healing and buffs should apply to the original disables duration if dodged, evaded, or reduced by tenacity.

This disk is incredibly limited like no other disk. It’s not like the worst because there are a few others that are even more useless. By making this last longer and making it more accessible can make this disk more flexible and usable. Lemme give you an example of how this disk could work. Mulan will dodge a stun from affecting her with her crazy high evasion. She will still heal a percent of her Max HP for the stuns duration. Another is example is Shan Yu getting silenced by someone like Angel. He’ll only receive the silence for 8 seconds but will have the buffs for 10. See? This disk needs to be more open and last longer unlike the incredibly limited condition it’s in now.

That’s all for now. Please post feedback and I’ll add this if I’m missing anything else.


I should use this word :joy:

Interesting, but it’s like Magica. And it’s more broken :thinking:

I think slow should be good. More Pleakley (Ju) synergy.


Love this phrase.

Deleted song Congratulations from Hamilton plays.

Looking forward to what comes next from you and these!


Yes, Basil needs this

This is a nice refresh for Basil, he desperately needs it


Or remove the buffs with every X dart (like every 5th).

Beautiful topic, so beautiful it will ignored by devs like most. :smiley: … and it’s just sad.
Basil have poor skill set and disk.
Kim arrived with 2019 stats. :roll_eyes:

Mulan uses active, everyone dead.
Cheshire uses active, everyone dead; he throws his head, ultimate death.
Maximus, never will die; every enemy will be dead.


Planning on needing them next. Along with a minor buff to Kim. And a refresh to Merlin and Vanellope. And a few disks as well.


Impossible. This topic will be even BETTER! :heart:

More like Kimpossible lol


Also a little nitpick, I suggest finding a different way to add your changes because I don’t want to have to scroll back and forth to read them lol

Please add to the list Jack Sparrow, who like Basil has no Tenacity or Evasion or Hardy stacks and meh Armor Negation that just stayed like forever (29).
Mainly his red skill needs a change. Thanks!

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He got refreshed already but sure thing!

Yes! Yes! Yesss! Yessss! Yesssss! I’m one of the people using him! :grin::sweat_smile:

He GOT? When?

When Gaston came… I thought you would have known by now, since you are a Sparrow user…

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I don´t think I was even active when Gaston came, bud.

Alright, Upcoming List.

Cheshire Cat
Jumba (Blue, Purple, and Red skill)
Evil Queen (Blue Skill)
Tron (White Skill and Flynn Disk)

Launchpad’s Darkwing Duck disk
Angel’s Miguel disk
Jack Sparrow

Pure Refreshes:

Please reply if I’m missing anything!


I think you still could have done your research, bud

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Do you think Violet needs a buff?

I think so. Maybe a bit more supportive modifications to fortify her support role.


A buff done 21 months ago counts as a buff still? I started playing in July 2019 and he was already like that.

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