Unfinished Friendship Campaigns!


At first I thought this was an issue with only Linguini & Remy and Miss Piggy’s Friendship, but gameplay showed me that is unfortunately not the case.

To explain, when going through their campaign like normal, I noticed the text blurbs between each stage of an episode did not change as I had made progression. And when completing an episode, I was not greeted with an additional dialogue between the characters, but instead I was taken unceremoniously to Linguini & Remy’s character page. No additional dialogues were added into the chat sections of the Friendship tab.

I had dismissed it at the time as a one-off, minor bug; I had other characters I was far more excited to see interact than Linguini & Remy and Miss Piggy at the time, but that is not to say the omission of these interactions did not negatively impact other players more than it did for myself.

But today I notice that EVERY new Friendship Campaign has this same issue, that is to say:

  • Colette and Sally
  • Colette and Megara
  • Rapunzel and Jasmine
  • Rapunzel and Bo Peep
  • Flynn Rider and Rapunzel
  • Flynn Rider and Aladdin
  • Linguini & Remy and Colette

This is a different bug than just taking me to the character page instead of more of the campaign, as the Gonzo and Launchpad Friendship Campaign still had different dialogue and text blurbs as I progressed, despite taking me to Gonzo’s page between episodes.

I hope this is an actual bug and not intentionally done, otherwise that would be disheartening and frankly, very upsetting. I was very excited to see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider interact with the other characters, as I am with all of these characters together. To cut interactions cuts half of the game’s experience. I’m not even going to progress any further in any of these until the issue is resolved, as to not miss any special text or dialogue.

Tl;dr Newer Friendship Campaigns are incomplete and need to be fixed!


I’m nowhere near unlocking these campaigns yet, but that doesn’t sound good - the dialogue is a big attraction for many players and one of the few Lore-oriented aspects of the game, it would be a great shame for the Friend campaigns to become ‘boring’.

Hopefully it’s just a bug?!


Hope @Polaris gives us an answer to this. The Perblue help ticket ignored me when I brought this to their attention.

Thanks for taking the time to look at all the new friendships, @Epic_Mickey

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So cutting the fun even from such unique stuff, well great, disk could be now just unlocking when heroes meet the rarity and level (up to highest possible, because, of course $$$ is the only important thing).
And there were plans for hero release for whole year… uh!


Not only that the quality of content in missions upgrade has been lacking too.

We started with a 5 level ups storyline in each missions, now when you reach level 3 it’s game over! No more story.

Also the recent friendship missions aren’t translate anymore to other languages first was the nodes dialogue and next the dialogue itself of the friendships.

They are going to stop supporting other languages now?


So I guess we aren’t getting answers or responses from @Polaris or PerBlue?

Way to care about your customers.

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@Sick_Muse It’s my pleasure, especially since I was excited to see the interacts myself and splurged on them specifically for it. Still a shame it was patched in unfinished, all of them… :frowning:

Hoping for it to be completed soon.


I think now their offices are closed for sure (its midnight here, but I forget about time zones), but hopefully we get something tomorrow, even if its acknowledgement from @Polaris or another.

Well, both your thread and mine were up at an early time today.

That is true. I can’t remember when the date was that support or PerBlue would be on holiday till, otherwise I’d say something more confident on “oh they’ll see it once they’re back” but I don’t know when that would be to begin with…

I genuinely enjoy playing this game, but the meat of it is seeing character interactions. And I don’t usually make big posts about game issues unless I feel it’s critical to my overall experience and/or the experience of others including myself.

Last post like this I had made was about Red Skills in servers earlier than intended, and only for enemy AI.


Giving a bump in case my first tag to @Polaris did not register before.

I checked with the team and the Friend Campaigns are complete and finished. We have an incredible amount of text in the game, and with each new hero, more friendships. Starting with this batch of heroes, there is going to be one description for the whole episode, rather than a description for every node within the episode. They were very happy to hear that you were missing the story, but there are some creative and technical limits that have forced us to make this change.


@Polaris I understand technical limitations, and I greatly appreciate the time you took to reply and confirm what has been changed so that we are made aware :slight_smile: I will indeed miss the story interactions but am very thankful for what they have included up until this point for past heroes.

I send them my gratitude and thank you again for replying!


If there limitations like this, it makes me worry about the future of the game. Having to make this change and saying there’s a lot of text already makes it seem like we’re approaching an upper limit of heroes that can be added going forth.

No, it’s nothing to worry about! We’ve got a full list of heroes on the roster for 2020, and there isn’t a limit to how many we can add.


@Polaris You might be a mind reader because that was my first concern over the limit! :laughing:

Also, now that I’m playing through the Rapunzel and Jasmine Friendship Campaign, I am glad to still see the special interactions at the end of every episode.

There’s always so much charm in this game’s storytelling, and I would rather less text than less characters personally; more heroes and villains only enrich the world we’re viewing :heavy_heart_exclamation:



KIM. ANNA. BELLE. And I bet few more.

And…? Game content itself wasn’t update from loooooooooong time, just look at heist.
Invasion, CW… like every mode needs some or more changes.
And nothing new after invasion which was added quite long time ago wasn’t added.

And new heroes, woah, more broken OP which make older ones useless, same heroes which people spend money before, and people are forced AGAIN to spend to actually have the fun and do something.

Now friendships won’t be even fun, for some people last fun thing in the game. But yes, new heroes = $ for…


Shouldn’t this be in a Patch notes?. We aren’t Madame Mim or Merlin to already guess this by default.

This includes translate the now low quality friendship text?


Happy? Happy?!

Yes, it should have been in the patch notes, and I’m sorry there was this oversight.

The writing team takes great pride in their work, and they put a lot into writing the stories. They were happy to hear the players love the story so much!

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