Unlikely Character Concept

It should still be in theaters, and those were very minor spoilers.

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Yup. Lets make sure no one else gets spoilers.

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B-b-but so much is implied!!! Armageddon is a lego storage box apperantly? Diid he and Wildstyle get married? How many kids did they have?

Wait… Can they even have kids??

Like what peace would they use for a pregnant mom…?

:confused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ok, so, I’m not the director of that film or the maker of LEGO, so I have no idea what the answers to those questions are.


I deleted it. Ok? Is that better or worse

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Oh!!! I didnt mean you had to delete it!!! Oh dear!! so sorry I made you.feel bad!!!


Buddy, all I asked was u change the Blue skill. Not delete the entire thing.

Now I feel bad.


@TheSpaghettiKing Since you will make a Concept for a Disney character that would probably never make it on the game. I have an unlikely Disney Character that I would like to see a Concept for!

How about Paul Bunyon & his big Blue Ox named Babe! :upside_down_face:

I’m sure they would be deemed way to big to even fit on the screen. Just like somebody said Pete’s Dragon would be to big.

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I’m sorry if I made you feel bad, also I’m re making Emmet

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I re thought and here’s my updated Emmet concept
Emmet’s Basic attack is hitting his enemies with a jackhammer,when he gets defeated he starts jackhammering his own face, when he wins he builds a Lego heart
White:Lucy!! Emmet summons Lucy for 6 seconds (Emmet can only summon 1 Lucy at a time)
Green:Wrecking ball Emmet Gets in his vehicle with the wrecking ball on it and smacks the enemies with the wrecking ball, dealing 100 damage and knocking them back
Blue:Double decker couch Emmet builds a Double Decker Couch over a enemy stunning them for 2 seconds, the stun fails on enemies higher than the level of the skill
Purple: Everything is Awesome Emmet’s stuns last 2.0 seconds longer
Friend ships Emmet/Lucy Everything is better when we stick together
Emmet does 30 more basic damage
Lucy!! Lasts 1 sec longer
Lucy 2 star frontline damage hero when Lucy wins she does a back flip. When she loses she hits herself with a cactus
Basic:Lucy hits the enemy
White:Master Builder Lucy makes a speaker then hits the button, silencing the enemies for 2 seconds.
Green:Break the rules
Lucy summons Emmet for 5 seconds (Only one Emmet that was summoned can be on the battle feild)
Blue:Cactus slap
Lucy slaps a enemy with a cactus dealing 300 damage
Purple:Better together
Lucy gives her allies 30 more basic damage

Lucy Has no memory disks Yet


My turn to do one!!

Brick Wall
2 Star Frontline Tank
Basic Attack: Instead of attacking, the wall gains energy in a way similar to Felix
White: OH YEAH
The Kool-Aid man bursts through the wall and charges through the enemies, doing X damage. When brick wall is destroyed by Kool-Aid man, another falls from the sky into place with X more hp then the first.
Green: Firm Foundation
Every 4 seconds, brick wall completely absorbs an attack and gains X skill power.
Blue: Illegal Jumpers
Three criminals jump over the wall and run through the enemy, doing X damage and blinding them for 5 seconds.
Purple: Border Patrol
Enemies cannot move brick wall or go past it. Also, enemies above level X are slowed whenever they attack brick wall.


Brick wall/WALL-E
Brick wall gains X max hp
“OH YEAH” gives 50 times S energy to allies

Brick wall/Mad Hatter
Brick wall absorbs X damage done to it’s allies
Brick wall’s allies gain X armor


Who is brick wall!?!

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It’s a literal brick wall, not a character from anything.


You made it up? @The_Eavesdropper


Yeah, I did. Kool-Aid man obviously isn’t original, though :wink:


I got another one!
Mr. Pizza
A three star frontline control hero.
White: “PIZZA!” Mr. Pizza shows off his tasty body, charming two opponents for 5 seconds.
Green: “Many Meats” Mr. Pizza takes two of his meaty toppings off and throws them at the opponents. There are three meat types; pepperoni, bacon, and sausage. Pepperoni deals x damage to all opponents, bacon deals x damage to all opponents in a straight line and slows their movement speed and attack speed, and the sausage deals double damage to one opponent and knocking them back.
Blue: “Cheesy” Mr. Pizza throws a ball of his meaty cheese on his opponents, dealing x damage to all opponents in its radius and stunning them for 4 seconds.
Purple: “Steamy Hot” Mr. Pizza is now much hotter than before, causing “Many Meats” and “Cheesy” to do x fire damage over 5 seconds.
Friendships: With Vanellope; “Real Food”, Mr. Pizza gets x more skill power. “PIZZA!” now blinds all opponents not charmed.
With Scar; “Playing With Your Food”, Mr. Pizza gets x more armor. Mr. Pizza becomes immune to freezes.
Mr. Pizza is an original character if you were wandering. I think with his freeze immunity friendship with scar he would be a great counter to the freeze teams that are meta now.






Imma make 1 up

Jimmy Jukebox :star2: A midline support


Basic attack: sends a music note at a enemy dealing damage

White: disco party
Jimmy plays disco music increasing allies attack speed by 50%

Green: wrong note
Jimmy plays a sour note that hits an enemy silencing it for 5 seconds and dealing damage to nearby enemies

Blue: background music
As long as Jimmy is alive all support allies have a 30% boost in max hp

Purple: life of the party
When Jimmy has a speed up he heals his allies 10% hp

Entrance: a whistle is heard before Jimmy hits the ground with a thud

Victory: Jimmy plays victory music

Defeat: Jimmy explodes in flames

Jimmy Jukebox/rex
Overflowing party
Jimmy Jukebox gains X basic damage
Disco party stuns enemies for 1 × S seconds

Jimmy Jukebox/Alice
Golden Afternoon
Jimmy Jukebox gains X skill power
Life of the party heals allies 5% × S more




Jimmy Jukebox could have a friendship with @discobot and be able to control the Fourm & Ultimately the game!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.