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We have a busy year this year for Disney when it comes to movie releases. And so as their is not have millions of discussions threads flooding the forums, I will be making this thread for all upcoming movies from Disney, Pixar, Muppets, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century. It may seem redundant but like I said before this is so we don’t get flooded with thread upon thread of movie discussions. This will make thing alot smoother.

The Little Mermaid

I will start it off with a few items on the docket. The first item is the offical trailer for the remake of The Little Mermaid which featured the appearance of rest of the cast some of which are voiced by Disney alumni such as Awkwafina (Sisu) as Scuttle, Javier Bardem (Salazar) as King Triton, and Jacob Trembley (Luca) as Flounder. The Little Mermaid will hit theaters on May 26th.

Peter Pan and Wendy

Second item is another remake that will takes us from under the sea to the second star to the right as the offical trailer for Peter Pan and Wendy had dropped a week before The Little Mermaid’s. This features Jude Law as Captain Hook, Jim Gaffigan as Smee, and a brand new batch of Lost Boys. Rumor has it that Tiger Lily will be playing a more prominent role. Peter Pan and Wendy will be a Disney+ exclusive and will start streaming on April 28th.

Haunted Mansion

Have your death certificates ready and hitch a ride on a doom buggy, because Haunted Mansion is returning to theaters as the offical teaser trailer has been released. This has been directed by Guillermo Del Toro and will feature an all-star cast of Tiffany Haddish, Danny Devito, Owen Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis as Madam Leota, and Jared Leto as the Hatbox Ghost. Haunted Mansion will be hitting theaters July 28th.


I know this long passed it’s hype date and was covered briefly before, but Elemental’s teaser trailer dropped a few month ago. It’s set up to be a story of star-crossed lovers set in a city similar to Zootopia but with citizens that represents the four core elements. That’s all we have until the offical trailer comes out for more information about Wade and Ember. Elemental comes to theaters June 16th.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Our favorite intergalactic misfits are back as the trailer for the third and final chapter of the guardians of the galaxy saga dropped (again, this is another late one which I overlooked on my part, my bad).

Anyway, Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) still mourns for modern day Gamora after Thanos murder her for the soul stone. With Gamora from the first guardians of the Galaxy movie is still in present day (it’s a long story for those who don’t watch marvel). Star-lord and the rest of the guardians set out to find her. However, a couple of super powerful baddies interfere such as Adam Warlock, the super weapon created by the Sovereigns (another long story) and the High Evolutionary, a sadistic genetic scientist from Rocket’s past impede in their search. We also see that Cosmo the Space Dog makes an appearance after being teased for one movie and a christmas special.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 comes to theaters May 5th

If you see any trailer, news, or have a review for any upcoming movies, be sure to place it here. Until then, see you on the silver screen :movie_camera:


You might wanna put Elemental and Wish on the list because Elemental comes out June 16th and Wish comes out November 22nd this year


Super excited for this one. I think it will be a massive success, and I am glad the characters (from what I seen) match their actors/actresses very well.

This casting was done really well. I am a little disappointed that they are only releasing this one on Disney+ (even though I have it). I think this movie could either be really good or a movie that everyone looks over (Live Action Lady and the Tramp)

I will be the first person to watch this movie. The first version was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was missing a crucial part of the storyline (The Bride), and didn’t really match the ride in any way besides Madam Leota. I hope this movie will be very different, and I can’t wait to see some Disney Parks Haunted Mansion cameos!

I think announced Pixar movies should be added to this list. I am so excited to watch all these movies!

A few Links
The Little Mermaid | Official Trailer - YouTube. - Little mermaid trailer

Peter Pan & Wendy - Official Trailer (2023) Jude Law, Alexander Molony, Ever Anderson - YouTube. - Possible Peter Pan and Wendy trailer

Haunted Mansion | Official Teaser Trailer - YouTube - Haunted Mansion Trailer.

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My favorite part already is when he says “It’s hatboxin’ time” and hatboxes everyone.
Truly a ghost of time.


Am I alone finding it funny that…

PotC 5 villain is playing the most protective tritagonist or whatever…
Dumbledore portrayal is playing Captain Hook?

Now that’s some switches.

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Hatbox ghost is one of the most beloved Disney Parks characters, and I am glad to see him coming in the movie with a great actor cast as him.


Elemental is I’m looking forward to. And this movie is good movie. Lightyear is not. And the best that I’m looking forward to since Turning Red

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Figured I post this one as it gives a lot of insight into what is coming, especially more obscure things :-).

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Of those listed I’m espcially looking forward to Peter Pan and Wendy (cause Peter Pan is a childhood favourite even though it is a very stereotype wrong movie. Didn’t really see that yet as a child)

And I’m also very exited for Elementals from Pixar, cause Pixar is always great!

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I have to say, the Little Mermaid looks really bad. From the trailer I saw it looked like some scenes lacked any color whatsoever and other scenes look too colorful. And the character models :nauseated_face: Who approved the Sebastian and Flounder designs?


I can’t wait for elemental and wish and the live action disney’s Peter pan and wendy!!

Mufasa the lion king (2024 July 4) is the most one i’m excited for! But I am mostly excited for…WISH!!!

If you are referring to the pufferfish in the trailer, I do not believe that is flounder.

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Can’t wait for guardians 3.

…I’m referring to the bad cgi Flounder with Jacob Trembley’s voice.

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Oh ok. I just looked it up. It’s… meh, but I think this movie is going to be great (at least the cover is kind of sick)

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He also cast Luca

What about Dial of Destiny Or The Marvels? One of them has a trailer

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Harrison Ford returns as everybody favorite adventuring archeologist as the trailer for the fifth installment of the Indana Jones series drops. Not much information is given but is seems the it is set during the space race as the U.S government is recruiting former Nazis to help against the Soviet Union making Indy uneasy given his history with Nazis. Indana Jones and the Dial of Destiny will be in theaters June 30th.


fifth and final

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