Update 1.15.5-A Patch Notes

2hat time is the update scheduled for?

I understand.im sorry

Se dieron cuenta que todos los personajes de equipo o dúo siempre tiene la habilidad de curarse a si mismo como ducky and Bunny se curan cada vez que dañan aun enemigo y sully al final de una ola o entre el combate de esa ola si no contamos con su disco de amistad como ellos dos como ejemplos pero con Gerald,Marlin y Nemo curan al equipo, espero que saque una colección solo para estos personajes que se curan ellos mismos

Don’t forget the 4 days dealay of Apple IOS again :joy:

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Me too, but event heroes always hard

to get.

How about fixing the match making algorithm in City Watch. It’s completely broken. Fix existing issues before creating new ones.


They really aren’t…

Yeah Gerald marlin and Nemo!

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@Polaris when is the update? Is it noon CT like normal?


Cuanto falta para la actualización
Espero que salga después de las 10 hora GT

A que hora sale

Most likely in about 3 hours

Espero que salga a las 11 AM hora GT

The update is planned for 11:45 AM CT.

One change you may notice, is we are hiding the Catch Up Challenges in the event list, so you only see one at a time. For players who are far behind the cap, the next challenge will show up once you complete the current one. Trying to cut down on the excess listings for you!


Cuando los servidores estarán activos otra vez después de la actualización?

I need this hero!

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It’s great that that are so many good characters now.

But would be great if all servers are sync so it’s a global release. It sucks for new servers to have the same event but not able to fully utilize it because the characters pool is limited. That’s always a bummer.


The update is complete!


Update to how this works: You will see catch up challenge events if you are within 10 levels, so it’s possible to see 2 at a time!

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