Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes


Server update will be at 12:15 PM CT.

The team is looking into this.


I also haven’t been able to connect for the past 20ish minutes.

Just stops at the loading screen


I’ve also been unable to connect to the game since about 12:20 EST, server 1.


Looks like just server 1. I’ll post update here.


Typically yes I would agree on this front, however this is not one of those times. This was an egregious hike in prices based on data that we have no inclination to it’s accuracy which has in turn allowed PB to nickle and dime for the very same resources they claim we are hoarding. Which has only compounded an ever widening gap because of poor timing and execution.

If they wanted to better scale it they would have done so for lvl 101+ but by placing it in the middle where a lot of players lie. It only made everyone in that interim a lot further behind.


Still can’t connect. Server 1 here.


Thank you. Im glad it isn’t just me


Granted I am lvl 100+ and gold and xp aren’t nearly as valuable to me as they were even 10 levels ago. It does kinda suck for those trying to catch up but it’s still just a game. I think people lose sight of the fact that the whole purpose is to have fun


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This thread is for the 1.7.1 update. Any questions about gold and XP belong in a different thread.


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It’s LITERALLY not. It talks about a different chat issue involving emoji’s and exiting chat. SMH


Ok what about the video crates? Everytime I hit watch the screen goes black like it trying to play a video then closes


Chat issues are one of the things being fixed in this update.

There’s a known issues thread for 1.7 also. If you’re experiencing a problem in the game, please contact support.


Parfait pour tous ces correctifs mais il y en a un qui devient très agaçant… Celui de la victoire en guerre de guilde, où une fois victorieux, impossible d’avoir les caisses. Est-ce normal ?


Que tiempo se llevara aproximadamente la actualización?


Technically the purpose of the game is for the devs to make money and their players to have fun. PB made this change due to issues with the players who weren’t spending money for them to stay in business. If they don’t make money they close the game and shut down. Disney has a high track record for ending studios so I for one am thankful that PB is calling the shots rather than having this game become Disney Infinity. Disney game licensing can be costly and I’m sure they have to pay those bills as well.

I think of the Economy change as a beta test the likes of which supported the players who got here before me. PB isn’t going to address these comments and will likely move forward with the positivity of new releases and updates rather than trying to answer to the players that are striking with their wallets that continue to complain. Im sure this post will be taken with anger but that’s just how life is. If the strike causes a change great and if not oh well! A great way to know if the money strike worked is to check the stats of mobile games at sensor tower. Even freemium games generate revenue from ads too so unless you also get the free players to stop watching ads or using the tapjoy promotions you’ll never stop PB’s income.

Good luck everyone!


The update is now complete. Please watch your app stores for the 1.7.1 client. Some of these issues will not be fixed for you until you have the new client.


Patch notes update.

The new hero information won’t be effective until tomorrow, February 1. I apologize this detail was missed in the patch notes. If you spent tokens or shop refresh items to refresh shops, please submit a support ticket in the game so we can refund you.

Update 1.7.1 didn't go through
I updated the market and did not appear Olaf in the shop of the outbreak, bought chips and updated again and continues not changing

The game update is now available in the app stores. While this isn’t a forced update, I strongly encourage you to install the 1.7.1 client to see the full fixes listed above.