Update 1.7 Patch Notes


There were definitely Disney characters in the film and the IP on Mickey as well as other beloved Disney toons is running out.


@Polaris I am shocked that the stats show people are having trouble spending their gold. My characters are rarely maxed, my Arena team is all that gets maxed. There have been a few times I have reached 10 million gold, but that’s only because I ran out of skill points.


I can’t believe I’m about to say dis, but, which show does Darkwing Duck come from. Its gotta be ducktales, right?

Edit: ok, so Darkwing Duck has his own show. Had to search it up. And I thought he came from Ducktales. :joy:


why did this get marked for harassment? all the concerns are valid


I call shenanigans on the gold & XP adjustments. It’s impossible anyone but whales have this problem, and when you balance around whales they soon have no one to show off to, then we start seeing server merges, which triggers an even greater exodus of players, and the game dies for the majority of people playing it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Keep your whales happy, sure, but this makes two completely anti-everybody that doesn’t spend $300+ a month on a Heroes Charge clone “improvements” I’ve seen. One more and I’m out. I’ve played way too many gacha and gacha adjacent games to not recognize the intentional killing off of the F2P and moderate spending player classes hoping to force whales to whale harder.


This reminds me of when they removed video ads because nobody watched them. :joy:

Per Blue, please, realize this is different. It won’t be swept under the rug and forgotten in a week. Gold is literally one resource I never have to much off. Experience potions, shrug.


dev in disguise. i havent run out of a place to spend gold any day and ive played every day since february and spent real money on the game. 100 crates when elsa came out and didnt get her by the way, so im feeling cheated if the skills go up in price, can barely upgrade anyone if youre a daily player


I think this video might be what players are feeling. I am not going to say this is what PerBlue intendeds or mean to, but based on the community’s response it made me think of this video or at least Extra Credits’s microtransactions videos.


I’m currently at level 97 and struggle SO much with getting gold and XP. I spend more than 200 diamonds a day on getting more gold and stamina. Introducing this will start to take the fun out of this game for me. I have already decided to stop spending money on this game. But with this incoming I might have to stop playing all together.


Punishing the players who are already behind and pushing the whales even further, great job, I can’t wait to spend my horded 10k gold and 15 XP potions. Let me make a guess about the orange 3 tokens… They take double as long to farm as orange 2 token but as a compensation the stats are half as good?

But hey let’s think positive, I’m sure there will be an amazing package for 50 bucks again to celebrate this patch :tada:


Cmon i have like no gold im at level 94 and that cost for skills is really stupid.U guys r ruining ur game


No man aun no debes un poco más


I really feel like you are punishing people for not paying out the wazoo… This update will not help anyone.


@Polaris. How can you respond to a question regarding an additional new server almost instantly, however you are completely deaf to the outcry to the ridiculous nature of the increase gold and XP costs. This it very sad and I wish we could get a better explanation or justification to your claims about and I quote “we’re making this change to cut down on gold and hero XP inflation now before it gets out of control”. We didn’t say this, you did. Please back up this claim because from all of the comments here and my own experience along with all of my top 5 on server 9 guild’s experiences this is not the case at all. Thank you for your time and I look forward to a response.


Not one person happy with the gold and xp situation,please listen to the players and abandon this idea its only going to go one way and that’s alot of people quitting,I never have spare gold and always sell smaller xp for gold,ridiculous to think anyone who’s not maxed out could possibly have spare unless they are saving for a reason.


I’m level 100 and only have THREE max level heroes out of 46. Only 15 are 90 or above. I purchased the one time annual package and I’m struggling to level. I just hit 100 and now you are raising the cap. I don’t even have one hero at O2. I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this if you are raising the costs of leveling. Please don’t punish the majority for the actions of a few.


Dis is my favorite game, And seeing hate 4 dis game won’t make me leave. But I do have to say @Polaris, at least give the people wot they want.


Honestly love the game. The surplus of gold is not for everyone. Don’t raise xp needs. Don’t raise gold needs. Of all things to fix, that one was good as it is. Please, you still have time, hold that back!


Porque van a nerfear a quorra?


Hey! I know we could make it into a vote!

  • Has to much gold to know what to do with
  • Needs more gold

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