Update 1.7 Patch Notes


Not a dev but have a clear understanding of how games like this work. I have only spent a total of $40 and have been playing since server 3 went up. I have every character unlocked and am patiently upgrading my top 15. Thing’s take time and that’s one thing that people need to start understanding. If you are not going to shell out major $$ to progress faster then you just need to practice patience. (when I say you I mean people in general)


I understand your logic and agree with it. The biggest issue I have is the reasoning perblue put as to why this is happening. I believe it to be a bold face lie. If they would have said “we are increasing gold and do costs” the fine still don’t like it but I’m not a dev so it’s not my decision. But they just give the flimsy excuse of inflation and pass it off as good for the game is bogus.


Time to start coming to terms with dev’s and publishers care more about $$ than making customers happy. Logic and reasoning don’t bring in the cash.


You probably could’ve looked around for the stock image instead of writing over someone else’s meme. Also, Perblue isn’t perfect, but they do a great job of listening to us. For example, a lot of people were complaining about Quorra being op somewhat recently, and she just got a nerf.


They are addressing Quorra and others not because of complaints, but because having already milked the whales to knob polish these intentionally imbalanced characters, they must be nerfed or whales won’t have incentive to whale on the next set of “oops, didn’t see that one coming” characters.

I’ve played since launch week and never seen a sign this company cares at all about anything but profit maximization. If this game didn’t have a Disney license it would already be in danger of going under as, objectively, it’s just not a very good game. It’s best strengths are that it’s Disney and it doesn’t take up much time. Otherwise it’s just another side scrolling gacha battler, and the app stores are littered with them. Remove the appeal of collecting and playing with my favorite Disney characters and I’d have never made it two weeks.


If this doesn’t prove to the devs that it was stupid since they’re clearly not hearing our pleas, I don’t know what will. Good idea, man :wink:


I hope you guys can see the amount of players that leave everytime you update the game. Updates are supposed to make the game more enjoyable, not drive people away.

It’s understandable to keep increasing promotion levels and team levels every once in a while, but making the badges harder and rarer, cost more stamina to get, and then on top of that say you’re increasing gold and xp costs when only whales can keep all heroes up is ridiculous.

I hope you’re happy. Game is going to die.


Server 2 - pretty sure I’d classify as a whale at this point… you do realize that gold is available for diamonds and that increasing gold costs won’t stop anyone but the casual players from being able to compete, right? I’m not even that smart and it isn’t hard to see you only punish people that are 98% of your user base. With what I’ve put into this game I would hate to see even more people leave, which seems to happen after every update.

On the plus side I’m glad to see PB recognizing our guild with the character our guild has been named after… what an honor!


To reiterate how much of a change this increase in skill cost can be let’s do some math.

Let’s go with one hero and a white skill. The skill starts at lvl 1 and you want to raise it to say lvl 100. The gold cost goes like such: 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500, 8000, 8500, 9000, 10k, 10.5k, 11k, 11.5k, 12k, 12.5, 13k, 13.5k, 14k, 14.5k, 15k, 15.5k, 16k, 16.5k, 17k, 17.5k, 18k, 18.5k, 19.5k, 20k. That gets a skill up to 40 and costs a total of. 410,100 gold. Still a good chunk of change and from here on it only gets worse as every level after increases cost by 1k. Now this is until level 85. 41 starts at 21k and 85 would end at 64k. This changes that 410,100 to 2,280,100 gold. Over 5 times at that rate.

Now here is we will differentiate. Because on live servers it keeps that 1k scaling a level. Let’s assume that at 86+ it goes to 1.5k scaling a level instead. Live will continue at 65k ending at 79k. Whereas the possible 1.7 change will start at 65.5k and end at 86.5k. Live would finish out to level one skill on one hero at 3,360,100. Wheras the possible 1.7 would end at 3,420,100. Now 60k doesn’t sound like a lot but if you multiply that by 98 which is every hero times 2 as white and green skills scale the same way would increase the total cost to get all those skills up to 100 by 5,880,000.

That is almost 6m gold players will need just to max out 2 skills. That’s not including blue or purple skills, or enhancement, or badge crafting, or mercenary daily costs for active surge participation, or the daily markets, or the cost of adding stars to heroes. In all honesty it is absurd how much this will hurt players. Even with these supposed hoarders that this is trying to balance, the cost of maintaining heroes just got increased by an exponential amount. I implore you PB, read through the comments and see that backlash this change is bringing about. Please do not have this go onto live servers. It isn’t a smart way to do this. Better yet, play your own game and ask if this type of experience would be one that you enjoy. If it is then kudos to you, however I think you will find a majority of people do not appreciate this direction you are steering the game towards.

Skill cost increase was worse than imagined

You could not of said that better.


Sounds good, but one correction, this is only true if you’ve spend thousands of dollars on this game and are a whale.

Guess I’m finally quitting. What a waste of time


What are your options? Not build it and get destroyed for months? This nerf took forever, maybe they were just waiting for a big enough percentage of their players to max quorra before nerfing it.

Their general strategy is to make OP characters, sell them to whales, and nerf them once enough people get a hold of them


Yes!!! This is so true!!! So so true. This game is turning to crap :rage:


Vous êtes en train de tuer le jeu. Augmenter le coût des compétences ne va avoir pour résultat que de faire arrêter un grand nombre de joueur. Les gens qui dépensent beaucoup d’argent continueront à en dépenser qu’ils aient beaucoup d’or ou pas il y a plein de contenu à acheter… Mais DHBM… Ce n’est pas qu’un jeu avec des persos… C’est un jeu communautaire où le côté humain et social tient une grande place. Croyez vous que les gros joueurs vont continuer à jouer quand les serveurs seront vides ? Ah suis je bête… La fusion des serveurs… Mais c’est bien sur… Vous savez… Pour beaucoup des amitiés se sont liées et représentent une grosse partie de l’attrait du jeu… Si vous pensez que pour nous joueurs un joueur en vaut un autre. Et bien vous vous tromper… Les gens qui dépensent beaucoup vont arrêter aussi a force de perdre leurs amis qui paient un peu moins… Vous êtes en train de tuer le jeu tenez vous le pour dit. Et bientôt il passera de mode après une période remplie de keke qui vont dépenser beaucoup rapidement et feront fuire tous les autres… Ensuite le jeu passera de mode et mourra… Je ne suis pas médium… J’ai vu ce scénario se reproduire sur tellement de jeu… Vous commettez de plus en plus d’erreur perblue… Et gâcher un super jeu pour vous faire rapidement plus d’argent… Sur le long terme vous y perdrez tellement…


La traduction automatique modifie complètement mon message et son sens…


I must say I am pretty upset about the gold and xp increase. I’m already at lvl 100 and have plenty of resources to keep a good team, although I do not have a surplus. I just want to see the game make changes to balance everything out. The easier you make it for people to catch up to the whales, the more fun the game will become. I really dont want this game to stop releasing content and if you dont make changes to get players to join in on the fun it will inevitably happen. Please keep server 1 alive!!!


I’m a big spender but if this update is released as it is, I won’t be any longer.


I never have enough gold, do you mean people who pay loads of real life money have an excess so you’re making it more pay to win so that they can progress much faster than those who can’t afford it as much


You will never be satisfied !!! You asked for correction of mistakes, they did it. And you did not even notice it, but began to criticize them. Thank you for what they have done and keep playing.


Ok so now your answer is to ruin baymax and quorra and tia. 2 of them are the best way to kill maleificent and Ursula. So now you are making that even harder. Sounds like a great balancing act to me. As for gold I never have more than 3 mil making it harder to obtain gold is a stupid idea. How can people trying to catch up ever catch up? It’s insanity. Polaris per blue and yourself have lost the plot now!!!