Update 1.7 Patch Notes


About Quorra, Tia and Baymax I thought I post these videos and hope you will like them :-).


I don’t have a single maxed hero. You know why I don’t have a single maxed hero? Because it takes so much gold to enhance badges and upgrade skills.
With this update I’m seriously at risk of dying of old age before I ever max a hero now.


This is utterly ridiculous, It’s already very hard to max out heroes, but now your plan is to make it even harder?
I really like this game, but you need to listen to the fans and improve the quality of the game, not to make it even harder than it already is


You know what? This idea is btilliant!!! Perb!ue, this is an amzing idea.

Now enough people will leave so that you can finally fuse all the servers together. Problem is, this just means the percentage of whales to non-paying players will increase. Which I guess is what you want.


It doesn’t seem like PerBlue is really concerned that the hoarders will break the game balance. It seems as though you are more concerned that hoarders are able to complete the weekly contests without spending any money simply by expanding that stocks.

Not sure if this was mentioned or suggested but if you are truly worried about hoarders breaking the game balance, simply impose a gold cap of maybe 100M and a xp drink cap of 1000 each. But we all know that’s not gonna happen cos by putting a cap, PerBlue is actually capping the expenditure of the whalez.

I’m not ashamed to admit that i’m one of the hoarders. But the only reason for doing so is in anticipation of new heroes. As of now, no matter how much i’ve hoarded, the moment i unlock a new hero, all my resources will be expanded in a few days.


I get it you guys hate that they increased the cost of the XP and Gold but there is no need to call them things like greedy, just hear me out. In the patch notes they stated that

The difficulty of some Friend Campaigns has been adjusted to allow their Memory Disks to be available sooner, especially on newer servers
With this change, difficulty and required hero level for Friend Campaigns will now vary from server to server
Our goal here is to reduce the wait time between seeing a new hero available on your server and being able to begin a Friend Campaign for that hero
Because heroes don’t always release at the same time or same content update on every server, moving to a dynamic system for Friend Campaigns allows us to tailor each campaign’s difficulty to the current cap of each server

They are making it so that the friend disk and campaigns are available sooner but people are just skipping that part and only talking about “Perblue don’t care about there players.” Also you guys don’t even know how much there’re even increase the gold and XP by, I’m sure that even thought they didn’t state it that they probably increased it by 10% or 20% like they usually do but you guys are making it seem there being increased to an impossible rate and like the patch notes say this increase is only happening to level 86 and over. One more thing is that people argue about how this is only a way to make people pay money for this cash grab company and there making things hard but let me tell you something, this is a video game, video games are supposed to have challenges that will make you do stuff to proceed forward in the game, for example this increase, they are simply just adding a little bit more of a challenge so people like whales won’t be able to get everyone to 0 +3 and level 105 in under a week, sure you guys may say “but I’m not able to get any gold or XP from anything” but that’s just another part of the challenge that you must complete, it’s what makes video games video games. Thank for listening and reading this, I hope I helped resolve some of this madness.


Hey @CowardWhisper8 increasing gold and xp costs is a bad idea. And everyone is free to express that just like you can express your opinion. Don’t read the thread if you don’t wanna see it cuz theres a reason that’s what everyone keeps posting. It sucks


I get that is a bad idea but I’m just trying to show people that there is no need to keep killing Perblue, I’m just trying to help them on there part because of all the terror they are going through at the moment. I was just trying to simmer things down at least and pointing out the reasons they are doing this, I’m sorry if you didn’t like what I said.


Oh idc like I said you’re free to your opinion Haha. I was just messing with you cuz let’s be real, people are gonna keep posting it


Yeah that’s understandable lol, I was just hoping I would make an impact somehow


I actually hadn’t 100% noticed that part and thanks for bringing it in to attention :-). Personally I am in Server 5, so I assume that means I am going to get the new characters’s friend campaign in the patch they release in and not having to wait until the next patch.

I am not 100% sure how it will exactly affect the already released and unlocked friends campaigns, but yeah will be interesting to see how it goes and are looking forward to playing through the new characters’s story sooner :-).


You must be kidding us ! If you really think that the game is too easy and high lvl players have too much gold , you have no clue .


when will this update come out?


I’m not saying it’s to easy, I’m just saying that it’s adding a harder challenge to the game for players to go through. Sorry for the misinterpretation.


They said early next week so between Sunday and Tuesday probably.


As someone around the top 100 on server one I can say pretty definitively that nobody is hoarding gold, and making this “retroactive” in that it applies to levels many players have already passed punishes anyone who isn’t currently capped out. This is complete nonsense and is obviously designed to make players pay, or pay more


I think that perblue should make the skills more expensive there way too cheap. I’m on tl 89 and I think they should make a lvl 85 skill 80k not 60k


I dont care about how much gold top player have . I only need i can max skill and try pvp with them on area, coliseum . And now incress gold for up skill , hard to build a team , hard to surges , zzzz . And no hope


Perblue care 1 % top player have so much gold for up skill fast and dont care 99% player never enough gold for builđ herro


There is still hope that new costs won’t be so much higher. And PB may return old costs after another update.