Update 1.7 Patch Notes


This should answer your question:


I think rather than making costs for skill upgrade and XP upgrade increased, just make a cap on total gold or XP that you can store to prevent hoarding. It will make the game way more frustrating to punish people who have put a lot of effort in the game to get higher up


Well said! I read that and for someone like me who does not pay much money into the game as those I have seen brag about spending hundreds this is just hurting all the gaming community. Many like me are just finally starting to catch up to other players. The devs always tout being a fair and supportive community and then go head with these kind of changes that make leveling and playing this game more arduous and a chore than fun and relaxing.


This is a joke right.


Perblue clearly doesnt give two tosses about what us players say!

After every update more and more players leave,
Myself I’m starting to lose patience with this game!

I send money but perblue doesn’t listen to a word I say, so maybe they just listen to the whales on server 1!

Either way, I’m done sending money on this game and when they completely screw the game over and make it impossible for the F2P players to play that’s when I’ll finally delete it!

Your grind is ridiculous!
Your deals are pathetic!
Your customer services suck!

Good day grinding all!!!


As the average player not putting in the big money into the game I never have enough and the new badges are harder and harder to get. Now you want to make it harder to keep up with the “hoarders” if this is your best solution on or just a quick reaction to a problem only you see. Here is another idea.
Seeing how you cap everything else in the game cap the amount of XP you can carry per size XP drink. For example Turbo 1000, Mega 2500, Grande 5000 and min 10000. As for gold I have no solutions to it but neither do you only hurting the average player. Can’t wait for Darkwing Duck. Thank you


Because without money they won’t be able to run business? And we don’t get this game at all? All businesses take care about profits, its nothing new.


Do you realise how much money they do , this not about they need more this is about take how much is possible . They not care someone we leave this game , new people will come a sell is keep going , this huge machine to make money . Nothing about they need more!!! You should see how much they make you wiil surprise . Business is look like that if they make some amount of money they don’t want make less just more and more


I have been playing for months, mostly for free, and on few occasions I spent some money. Because I liked the game. It took a lot of effort to develop one of my favorite characters, Baymax, and you suddenly lower the shields 20%! 20%!! For a hero that doesn’t cause any significantly damage. You have also decided to make it difficult to level up, thus supporting those who pay a lot. If this update proceeds as it is, I am dropping the game. It was fun but you ruined it. Congrats. PS: I have never seen such hatred in the comments of any patch notes post. Think about it… :triumph:


Y’all are saying there’s players hoarding gold, yet a new deal was just released allowing you to buy 5m of gold in a bundle for 49.99. And you can buy it twice. Can’t yall see these deals are at the root of the problem? Take gold out of cash deals. Place a cap for gold and XP drinks. Then players will spend it. The people y’all are hoping to slow down already have their heroes maxed, so this won’t do anything to stop them. It’ll just make it harder for the rest of us to catch up. Please edit your plans for this update before we begin losing more players.


Oh balancing. Baymax O2 has a badge that gives him 15 percent improved healing, but has no healing abilities…i suppose it could apply to health regen, great for those normal campaign stages!
Tia, Baymax, Quorra nerfs were just a matter of time. This is Quorra’s third nerf? There was already balance issues as we always see the usual heroes in pvp comps. Shank, Maleficent and others will be coming up soon in the quest for eternal balance!
Also, if the team is set on raising gold and xp costs, best implement that when a new cap raise is introduced only. Or maybe rethink that one. The team could always cut stamina deals for top rank players, since deals aren’t necessarily blanket across all players. Stamina refresh hoarding is a bigget culprit than gold and exp.


@Polaris can you tell us what star level Darkwing Duck is and what trial he’s on?


When are users in the UK going to benefit from these fixes? Obviously you give the advantage to the US players, but you take our money, too.


Do you think we HAVE to play your game?

With the last level caps and O1+O2, the pace to improve heroes is unbearably slow, simply BORING. Sometimes you need to farm 100 orange and 50 purple bits to make an only badge, and you only get 3 or even 2 bits out of 10 raids, which means you sometimes need 3 or 4 days to get A SINGLE BADGE OF A SINGLE HERO. Besides, instead of adding new bits to the existing ones in higher trial levels, you take the existing ones away and force us to play in lower levels to get e.g. these damned peaches.
On top of that, every four weeks you raise the cap, so everyone but whales gets behind.
And you don’t listen to people complaining about the frustrating and neverending way of promoting in Arena.
I’ve just been spending the monthly deal from the very beginning and spend little money from time to time. Now the game is simply boring and frustrating, and you are not clever enough to conceal your greed. Now at least 5-6 of my guildmates, top 10 in server 6, are leaving, me included. We can’t stand it anymore. This is a game, it should be fun, it isn’t anymore. Everything is too expensive. So we have decided that if the level cap is raised during the next three weeks, a good number of devoted players and regular spenders of my guild will move together to another cheaper and fairer game. You know? there are a lot of nice games where we’ll be happier and where someone will listen to ALL of us.
Good luck and goodbye.


How can you get a refund??? I’m considering giving up on the game…


I have just had a thought, in the last update they added perks to the diamond boxes. Giving an easier and quicker way of getting MORE gold and xp drinks as people were OBVIOUSLY STRUGGLING to collect these.
So now that the whales have opened hundreds of Diamond boxes they have excess gold and xp drinks.
So now PerBlue is using that as an excuse to change the game for ALL of us!
Why not just impliment this to the next level cap? From 100+ you need more gold for skills and more xp drinks to level up.
Can you please point me to more than one player that has maxed out EVERY SINGLE hero in this game?


Yes but I missed that no need to be rude


@Mad_Hopper_III it was a question. Not rude lol. Gotta ask because you’re not the ONLY one that asked that question. So ones first assumption is that people didnt actually read the notes, just saw there was an update and immediately asked when. (Not saying that’s what you did, but I’m sure a lot of the people asking did just that)


Myappologies. Didn’t look at it that way


You have to go though Google play, just Google, Google play refund and it will give you instruction on how to do it