Update 1.8 Patch Notes


Hmm I can still like posts?? COool! :grin:


High five accepted!!!


Polaris might have to change the topic of this to Game Chat like they did with the avatar thread lol


Polaris could be a she!!!


How can I play the game tonight if I have updated to the new version already? IOS


Aww darn. Just gotta wait.


It’s not rude its factual I’ve been on games and you should never auto update ever because if this happens you get locked out and who is the1st to complain those that got locked out. It’s not per blues fault is it no.


@Polaris - will you ever actually reveal your gender so that we can address you appropriately in post? :thinking:


Gender is not definitive in 2019


Is 3:14. Also known as pi which is infinite. Will we have to wait for infinity?


Auto updates cause more issues than clicking the button yourself once its confirmed.


Guess what the number s 314 spell backward??

Answer: PIE


I think everyone is going mad.



No kidding. But it does help to be able to use my manners and say thank you sir or thank you ma’am. Or say “he said this” or “she said this.”

That’s all.


I really need to gi find a meme…


I hope they add Cheshire cat at some point


You just figured that out now lol


I feel sorry for you Polaris googles really taken the Mickey today. I bet your more frustrated than anyone.


surely something should be done about this as you did with arena


Well, that’s why I feel my comments were warranted. I don’t like bullies Alice. When someone comes into a place like this just to make a comment to put others down, I take offense. I’m sorry if my reaction didn’t sit well with you and I’m sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable. I really am…but I own it. I feel it was warranted.