Update 2.2.30 Known Issues

Here is where to post new issues following the 2.2.30 update.

Here are some issues we are currently investigating:

  • We have disabled Invasion Supply Crates. Purchasing them was causing the game to crash. This requires a full app update to fix, so the crates will not be available until we release a new update.
  • The Amazon update is not available in the store yet. It is still under review at Amazon.

These issues have been resolved:

  • There is an error happening when trying to claim Collection Mastery Rewards.
  • Some Max Stamina levels decreased when leveling up.

The new updates on the friendship, weekly quest has not been changed. Does the changes only start from next week onwards?

The changes to the friend system will be in the 2.3 update in a couple weeks.


I see. Well, problem solved! Thanks for answering my question

The buttons from the weekly quest have changed… Intentionally?

(Android here)

No, sorry. Has been changed to normal size again… :sweat_smile:

Market was sent to all servers @Polaris

Server 21 here


I’m having an issue where it keeps saying I’m having an error in collections, anyone know when this will get fixed?

If you restart the game does it allow you to collect those collection rewards?

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@polaris can you confirm whether it was released to all servers or just 1

Yes, it did roll out to all servers.

We’re seeing logs for a crash when purchasing Invasion Supply Crates. The crash may also happen in other areas when spending diamonds. Taking a look into this.

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No matter what I do it won’t, even if I close out and restart the game, just gives me the same message

Got it - thanks for the info. I’ve got the team looking into it!


@Polaris has Amazon rejected the update like they did a little while ago? Still not available there.

No, it’s showing as still under review. Usually it doesn’t take this long, but we are keeping an eye on it and will update the patch notes thread when it’s available!


@Polaris Did something about Get More Stamina change? My VIP4 acc on S22 just happen to have “Buys Left: X/Y” omitted.

Thus I could probably buy stamina to hallelujah.

I can not even update the game since i came home and tried to. I uninstalled it hoping it would fix itself but now its just spinning in the APP Store and i can not even install the game. What is going on please?! @Polaris

Is it on Amazon?

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