Update 2.2.30 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.2.30

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.2.30 Update! This release features a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • Refresh for the Black Market and Mega Mart!
  • Game improvements and bug fixes!

Other Improvements

  • Black Market and Mega Mart Improvements. We are testing out this new system and may make adjustments in the future.
    • Reduce the respawn times
      • The Black Market can be found every 20 hours
      • The Mega Mart can be found every 40 hours
    • Specialize the inventory
      • The Black Market will focus on hero chips and hero items
      • The Mega Mart will focus on resources
      • Both will still carry badges
    • Increase the number of slots
    • Scale the cost of badges
      • The cost for older badges will decrease as the maximum rarity on the server increases.
    • The quantity of resources will scale up with the server max team level
    • The Black Market and Mega Mart have a small chance to include a free Badge Crate!
  • New in Challenger Seasons
    • During the last 24 hours of each week preview next week’s rules and set your defensive team early!
  • New look for the level up screen.
    • Get a preview of what you’ll unlock with future team levels!
  • The Challenge Shop inventory now refreshes daily instead of weekly.
  • We are testing some changes to Stamina, Gold, and Skill Points on Server 22 only.
    • The limits to buying Stamina and Gold have been removed.
    • New VIP Perks to skip spending skill points for low level skills.
      • Starting at VIP5, upgrading skills will not require skill points for White, Green, Blue, and Purple skills below level 30
      • This scales up every 2 VIP levels by 5, so at VIP7 upgrading skills below level 35, etc.
      • The skill upgrades will still cost gold

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Goliath’s friend disk would not block Violet’s Knockback to his allies
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing heroes from carrying their buffs wave to wave in Invasion and City Watch. Note: If the hero is KO’ed, the buffs will reset when they are revived.
      • Minnie Mouse
      • Captain Amelia
      • Gizmoduck
      • Ursula
      • Mr. Incredible
    • Fixed an issue where Miss Piggy would block the Queen of Heart’s Shuffle. Queen of Heart’s blue skill is not a knockback
    • Fixed an issue where Pleakley’s stacks of mosquitoes remained after he was KO’ed
    • Fixed an issue with Jumba’s green skill where the cooldown was too short. It will now trigger after 11 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where Mama Bot’s laser attack could split and appear to hit multiple opponents.
    • Fixed an issue where Davy Jones’ chest could do damage when turned into a squirrel by Merlin
    • Megara will no longer link to summoned allies (Rajah for example)
    • Fixed an issue where Kristoff & Sven could cause entrance attacks for heroes on the opponent team to happen in the wrong location
    • Fixed an issue where Belle’s status bar in combat was at her feet
  • Fixed a bug in Challenger Season rules so that “Memory Disk Disabled” included energy generation

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, September 22.


So where’s the friendship refresh preview?


Okay I love the shop refreshes!

Wasn’t expecting much from this, but for such a small update it’s good!


Finally here


Ok I’ll give my full thoughts when I’m on WiFi but when the big update comes I really hope it is worth the wait!

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That was a bug?!


I didn’t even notice it happening…

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I have. Used Mim and the Beast and Mim died :eyes:


Yeah same. But I thought Mim was just the main target, didn’t look like Beast took damage

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Yay! It’s happening! Hurray!
Does the cost of hero’s chips will reduce or/and amount of chips per slot increase?
Also, will shop refresh items will return to diamond deals?

This actually should apply to ALL shops :frowning:

Is Finnick here included? :thinking:


Short but still nice patch notes. :cat:


On the note of bug with buffs not in the next wave item … for gizmo in invasion is this calculated move ? If so does that mean his armor would continously get increased ?

Hopefully it will. Had to buy a badge for 60k badge tokens the other day. Just because it’d be even worse in stamina

Yeah! This is an improvement I always wanted.

Okay. Then we’ll wait until it comes to all servers.

Okay so they both will be completely different from each other.

Sounds like some great news :+1:

Good small update.




I kinda liked linking to Sven sometimes :joy:

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Starting off with the most important part:

Please tell me the chest can still be turned into a squirrel by Merlin.

And now for the relatively-unimportant matters:


Aw. Hopefully whenever this spreads to the other servers, we’ll see some significant improvements in these stores. Also, on this subject: I’m pretty sure the newest Diamond Crate heroes used to show up in the rotation of these shops. Am I misremembering? If they did show up, has it recently changed so that they don’t anymore? Because I haven’t seen any Angel chips there.

A very welcome change.

Considering the very limited supply of these tokens, I don’t see this as being all that helpful. :man_shrugging:

Question: Should Yax’s basic damage buff (Frozone disk) be carried forward in CW or Invasion?

… Don’t look at me like that. I like trying Yax out from time to time, seeing what I can do with him.


@Polaris I got an interesting idea for a QoL change. The Badge crates could be also adjusted to the current rank of the server.

I will explain.
If now the cap is R13 in Server 1 and the chosen badge is needed for a character only for this rank, one spawns.
If the character needs it for R13, but other needs it for lower rank, say R10, 3 more badges come out from the badge crate along with the one.
That would mean a nice badge catch-up for lower characters, as if a badge spawned was needed for an O0 hero, there would be 22 more badges inside.(O1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, R0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)
27 for P0 hero, 30 for B0 hero and 32 for G0 hero.

Or, alternatively, a bunch of lower badges spawns until a badge needed for Max Server Rank - 3 appears.

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Bugs? Splattered!

Hero problems? Resolved!

Market sucks? Fixed!




Where to find this shop?

There’s a button on the Challenges screen! It’s also in the market building rotation.

We need more guild perks

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