Update 2.2.31 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.2.31

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.2.31 Update! This release features a couple bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on the event window
  • Fixed a crash when purchasing Invasion Supply Crates

This will be an unforced update. This thread will be updated once the update has been released to the app stores.

Once the update is available on all stores we will be able to enable the Invasion Supply Crates.


Shoot, got my hopes up this was tomorrow’s posted early lol


Yay! It’s finally fixed.

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Good to know. I got Jafar to purple+1 just so I could get the mod for him.
Then again, it might end up getting replaced by another blue mod.

Hopefully they send those crates back out to purchase

I’m experiencing an issue. I wanna play the game but all the app store says is ‘Open’. Is there any information on when the update will be released to all app

Any update as to when @Polaris?

An update was released to Amazon and they have it under review. I suggest anyone with Amazon account who can’t play contact support at Amazon. If enough of us do it might help.

This isnt a place to ask for characters you want. At least you got Slinky…


In the #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list category


The update has been released to Google and Samsung.

Again, this is an unforced update, and won’t need a server update, so you can install it when you see it available.


Updated in Google :+1:

Was this update already released, because I STILL can’t buy the Invasion Supply crate.

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We won’t be able to turn the Invasion Crates on again until all the app store updates are approved and released. We’re still waiting for Apple and Amazon.

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Fair enough. But now I’ll have to re-equip that generic blue mod on Jafar.
Well, Rex didn’t become any stronger with it, so no big deal.

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Apple and Amazon are still under review, so we won’t be able to release them until Monday. :crossed_fingers: that they’re ready to go Monday morning and we can get this release out before the next Invasion begins.

Enjoy your weekend!


You to :grin:.

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You too! Also, what about the October sign in hero?

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That is coming on Monday, according to Polaris


Oh. Ok. On first thought, I thought it’s coming today. But no. Oh well. Thanks.

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