Endless Creep Surge Preview

Endless Creep Surge

Creep Surge was one of the earliest features for Disney Heroes. Over time it’s started to show its age, so we wanted to give it an update. This includes many quality of life changes players have wanted, but we’ve also made some mechanical changes for improved gameplay.

You’ll still clear districts and waves as before, but now doing so will contribute points to your Guild. As your Guild earns more points, the Guild’s reward tier increases, which increases the gold your entire Guild earns from Surge!

For now, the Surge rework will only be available on servers 2 & 9. There are some polish elements we’re still working on, but we want to gather feedback from these servers to make improvements before a global release.


New Mechanics

Points & reward tiers


  • Summary: Surge now has a point system. Surge points contributes to a reward tier, which ultimately improves everyone’s gold in Surge!
  • Earn points by clearing districts, finishing waves, and contributing to the Guild HQ. (The HQ is new–read about it in the next section.)
  • Guilds progress through reward tiers by earning points.
  • Advancing reward tiers earns the guild a higher multiplier to everyone’s gold earned from that Surge.
    • Note that this means you won’t instantly gain gold when defeating districts anymore, but you’ll get all your (multiplied) gold when Surge ends.
  • The exact number of points required per reward tier may differ from Surge to Surge (and Guild to Guild). That’s because the required amount of points is computed based on the amount of points available on the map.
    • Note that Guilds that clear similarly powered districts should expect comparable reward tier progression in Surge.
  • Points earned for clearing districts are based on the power of that district.
    • Lower numbered districts will have better point ratios to give extra incentive to clear those harder districts.

Guild HQ

image image

  • Summary: The HQ gives you a quick way to participate in Surge and ensures you can use all of your Heroes!
  • One of the islands is now the Guild HQ
  • Contribute unused heroes at the HQ to earn points for your Guild.
  • Contributed heroes can’t fight in any Surge battles.

Daily Bonuses


  • Summary: Daily Bonuses are battle goals to shake up the way you construct teams. Accomplish them for extra rewards!
  • Bonuses are optional goals you can attempt for extra gold.
  • Bonuses generally give you restrictions on how to construct your lineup.
    • Example: “Win with no Tank role Heroes.”
    • Example: “Win with exactly 4 Heroes.”
  • To earn the bonus gold you must win a fight or quick fight. (Raids do not count.)
  • Bonuses increase the gold you earn from a fight.
    • The increase can vary from +100% gold up to (rarely) +800% gold!
  • Each Surge will pick two random bonuses to use.
    • If you’re clever you can qualify for both bonuses in a single fight, with the bonus gold adding together!
  • Each bonus can apply in up to 2 fights.
  • Daily bonuses and the amount of their rewards will be the same across all guilds on the same server. (But can vary between servers.)
  • Bonuses unlock at Team Level 32.



  • Summary: Highlights acknowledge player accomplishments within Surge and celebrates that with the Guild.
  • End of surge results will now highlight up to 4 players for various accomplishments in Surge.
    • Example: Days in a row a player participated in surge
    • Example: Players who win attacks with a very underpowered team relative to the defender.
  • Note that you’ll need to do well in a highlight category to get chosen, but highlights won’t always display the very top player in that category.
  • Highlights have no direct rewards associated with them but we thought it would be nice to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Other Improvements

  • Removed the wave limit in Surge–your guild goes as far as it can!
    • Since Surge can no longer “complete,” the previous completion bonus of 30 Surge tokens and 5,000 influence will now be given automatically to each Guild.
  • Added the ability for players to still attack districts already cleared for the wave.
    • When attacking cleared districts, you cannot use mercenaries.
    • Gold and point rewards for beating cleared districts will be the same.
    • Beating cleared districts won’t contribute towards clearing regions or waves
    • This change is primarily to open up the map so that players with weaker heroes still have access to districts to attack and earn gold from.
  • When you’re on the hero lineup screen for a district, other players will be unable to select that district for 3 minutes.
    • This should prevent people from accidentally taking districts from you!
  • Changed Surge to last 24 hours. (Instead of 20 hours.)
  • Surge reset times are no longer tied to time zones and Surge will now reset for everyone when war resets (11 AM CT).
    • Note that there’s a short intermission period for Surge to calculate its results.
  • Improved the logic for the recommended district star.
  • You can now see a running total of how much gold you’ve earned during a Surge.
  • HUD on the main map has been updated.
  • How to play has been updated
  • A note on rewards: Given the new reward system, it’s impossible to make rewards in the updated Surge exactly equivalent to old Surge. However, we’ve done our best to make rewards comparable for most people. This is something we’ll be closely monitoring.
    • You will notice that the gold granted per district is much less than you see in the current Creep Surge, but overall the rewards should be comparable.

Cool… tnx for the work y’all do.

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Looks pretty cool :grin:

Can’t this just be a mode? I really like the limit, and it is better for newer guilds…

But looks great anyway.

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This looks so exciting. Does anyone know how long servers usually test something out before it is available to other servers?

  1. How will all the perks be affected? Most of us spent quite a few Influence to unlock the various difficulties.

  2. Will the old system still be available or will the new one replaces it all?

  3. Can you please clarify the “contributing heroes” aspect and what does it mean that they can’t fight is Surge battles.


Wow, this is so much information, aside from that, I like it!

That seems better so guildmates in different timezones don’t have to worry about missing out.

Hmm…this seems better since most guild’s surge start during the middle of the night…

Wow, this is good, now everyone can pitch in and not worry about missing out since there was a wave limit!

That’s scares me.

I mean… hope you’re correct.


If surge fights don’t reward gold instantly and you ran out of gold to afford hires does that mean that you can only use your own heroes?


I mostly liked all this when it was explained in the guild leader section, but still have a couple of questions / suggestions -

Why? This didn’t need to happen. Just reward the x1 gold on battle win and then the additional bonus on surge end. There’s been tons of times I’ve used the gold earned during surge for some purpose or another - having to wait to receive any until the next day is silly. Especially since surge will now end after contests end.

This would be better if the points were based on number of heroes contributed, rather than power. Or at least some value that takes both into account. Nobody will (or should) contribute their most powerful heroes, as those are the ones they should battle with. It’s our 65 purple heroes we want to contribute, but it seems like they won’t be worth much.

This sounded good when it was described initially, but now with this detailed description I can just see it being abused. Few people surge for the benefit of the guild - they surge for their own resources. Tons of people will just take the gold from the easy cleared districts and ignore the overall goal.

… Can’t it just lock them out while you’re actually in the screen? I could in theory hit said district like 6 times while some chump is sitting there locked out. If it’s in the last few minutes of surge and we’re rushing to get more rewards, I don’t want people getting locked out of districts for 3 minutes.

How will they be comparable if the gold per district is much less? If we have to work harder to bump up our bonus multiplier just to receive the same gold that we did before, is it really a bonus? :thinking:

Everything else sounds good.


I like the idea of being able to hit some of the cleated zones because many guildies are too weak to hit if lower zones are taken, so they ignore Surge. However, I have mixed feelings about no immediate gold. Often times, that gold helps me continue to hire mercenaries for subsequent Surge hits. Now I have to make sure I have enough gold to hire.


I asked it a few times already but still hasnt gotten any answer regarding about all the difficulties perks we have unlocked?

What will happen to them? And do we need to unlock Endless Surge or it will be automatically implemented to us all?

Pls, I’d like to have some clarification on this. Thanks


And also, shouldn’t you release the change on lineup of CW and Surge to our server 9 before implementing Endless Surge to us?

Only server 2 and 22 got it. And now we will be tested?

Yesterday, in Surge, most of our districts had Beast. Almost all of them. That was no fun

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The day before in Surge, we had Beast in every district from 5 to 18 except for one (8 or 9, I forget which). I still have no idea how we were able to finish 20 waves of that nonsense.

I would love to see something implemented where a hero couldn’t show up in more than 1 team per region (or in more than 2 teams in the Uptown region, since that’s 6 districts); it gets frustrating to see Beast and Randall in 50-80% of the regions between 10 and 19 pretty much every single day.


I think this would have to be something that goes ibto the feedback.

after all being said and done… the most impt consideration are the rewards. if the gold does not match the rate of upgrading skills and badges… it is not an improvement. will test out hopefully it does…


Y podrían quitar el límite de la Guardia de la Ciudad ? :wink:

No… porfas no…

Finally they see

Oh No!:pensive::pensive: But i think those bonuses will almost equate old and new Creep surge
Though Every change is awesome.
Just a suggestion: HQ pts should be based on sth other,rather than Total power of heroes left

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