Update 2.2 Patch Notes

It’s not, it just would be a nice add back to the game.

Stars are basically useless when every hero is OP and still a 1 star.

PB you amazed me!

2.2 Cheer Counter

  • Maximus! Unexpected! (+1)
  • In D crates :pensive: (-1)
  • Studying is getting old (-1)

  • Gizmoduck refresh! (He should study all enemies but still yay!) (+2.5)

  • Red skills that really brought old characters back! (well minus Felix) (+3.5)

  • Invasion is getting acknowledged (+1)

  • Improvements (+10)
  • The side menu stuff is unneeded and kind of annoying (-2)

  • Bug fixes (+10)

  • Deals are still unequal and downright bad (-10)
  • the balance of the game is just horrible (-7)

Cheer count: +7

“Thank you for adding me”


The best news is that the cheer count is in the positives! I have not seen that in well forever. And- I ran out of likes to like the cheer counter.

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Ok, clarification from the team on this one. The bonuses in the red skill apply anytime Judy inspires the team (not just her allies). I’ve asked the team to clarify that in the description.


…is Judy inspiring PerBlue? That’s awfully nice of her. :upside_down:


I like this update, and this is surely a step in the right direction, but I wish we could prioritize certain badge bits we will see in the markets, as an example, we need alot more aquarium bits than trident bits, so being able to prioritize those would be great, imo.


I like that idea! I also think a way to prioritize heroes would be amazing and super helpful so you do not forget who you are working on.

Now it’s much better!

Still, the buff duration is really short though. :face_with_monocle:


Another Tangled character? That’s awesome!

I am so happy with this update.

A bit odd and I doubt I’ll use him but nevertheless this goes to show that almost anyone is possible.

If it turns out he is an Invasion game changer once again I might use him but only time will tell.

Well done PerBlue, I am so thankful. I use all 4 of these heroes on a regular basis so I am over the moon at these Red Skills.

This sounds really interesting. With the study paired with Robin Hood she could become really fun.

Invisible enemies aren’t really a threat to Hiro but the reduced cooldown should be really handy.

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. He really needs this!!!

Oh yeah!

Thank you PerBlue. This will hopefully really help keep up with skills.

Given my laggy phone this should hopefully mean I can do a bit more before it crashes.

If this is an indication of the future for this game I’d say we’re about to see a massive turnaround in the way PerBlue acts on feedback.


Nice update, but it would better if they made City Watch easier to complete. I can’t get my red skills unlocked because I keep losing to enemies with red skills

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If you are having trouble getting Red skills I recommend buying the Red Skill Chip crate as that one can probably help you a fair amount :-).
Using Wall-E might also help as he can let you store extra energy and as such be better prepared between fights.

Hope this can help you a bit :-).

Oh it would be really great if Stitch could get a red skill …'like that would be awesome :sunglasses: please


Judy needs Hero refreah!

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You guys do realize the only reason you guys need to refresh Gizmo is because you nerfed him in the first place??? What a good way to increase workload, I must say…

Meanwhile, there are many heroes that desperately needs refresh… (I’m looking at you, Nick)

I haven’t gotten any luck this time because none of these heroes is my main…

Despite the big number 50%, the amount we actually receive is not much…especially in War, with limited chance (not to mention, we might not go for Gold rewards from War)

Couldn’t care less about this feature. Barely never use it…

This looks promising as the cost to hire mercs are way too high now

No wonder we haven’t noticed any change in Surge… Hopefully this increase is worth our wait

This seems to me that you guys have run out of idea creating challenges… Or don’t even bother anymore… Which makes sense cause it earns you guys zero money…

So now, I have to wait 24hrs to change Memory disc… that sucks…

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No? Nick is fine, when you have a few purple skill upgrades his red can be a big skill power boost to your team. Ralph, Darkwing Duck(!), Scar, Frozone, Yax, and Shank among others all need one much more desperately.


Don’t worry your Tangled Team will be ok because he’ll be on the yellow team even though he arrived to the game and if you continue to answer survey and collecting Diamonds, your be able to get him

Considering his max HP is half as much as Li Shang (a support) and except his purple, his other skills needs serious boost so yes, he definitely needs one good refresh

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A supporting buff would be good for him (whatever happened to those?), but his skillset doesn’t need a full refresh.


You do realise that they have also buffed his damage output to make him more worthwhile in arena? If they just buffed his armour steal then yes, your point would be valid, but given that it’s more than that you can’t say that this refresh came as a result of the nerf.

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