Update 2.3 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.3

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.3 Update! This release features Kim Possible from Disney’s Kim Possible! This release also includes a refresh to Tia Dalma from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, and a complete refresh to our Friendship System!


  • New! Hero Kim Possible from Disney’s Kim Possible!
  • Refresh of the Friendship system!

Kim Possible


Kim Possible is a mid-line “Damage” hero. Kim Possible will only be available in Diamond Crates on all servers.


Kim Of All Trades

The player chooses one of three skills for Kim Possible to perform when “Kim Of All Trades” is activated:

  • Kim Possible stuns the farthest enemy and enemies nearby them
  • Kim Possible reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies
  • Kim Possible heals all allies

While on auto, the first use of “Kim Of All Trades” stuns enemies, the next slows nearby enemies, and the next heals allies, repeating this cycle for the remainder of the wave.

Get A Grip

Kim Possible kicks the frontmost enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back.

What’s The Sitch?

Kim Possible marks the enemy with the most HP with her Kimmunicator at the beginning of each wave, dealing damage per second to them and stealing a percent of the energy they gain for the rest of the wave.

So Not The Drama

“Kim Of All Trades” gains the following bonus effects on activation:

  • Enemies stunned by Kim take damage over time.
  • After Kim slows enemies, she gains basic damage.
  • In addition to healing all allies, Kim Possible studies the closest enemy.

Power Study

“What’s The Sitch?” also studies the enemy marked with the Kimmunicator for the rest of the wave. Kim Possible super crits enemies who are studied every few basic attacks instead of critting them.


  • Kim Possible and Darkwing Duck
  • Kim Possible and Joy

Hero Refresh

Tia Dalma

Another Hero Refresh has arrived! This refresh is for the player chosen Tia Dalma! Tia Dalma is a powerful Control role spellcaster who excels at Cursing, Silencing, and Charming heroes with her skills. We wanted to lean into this niche by making her skills even MORE powerful against Silenced and Cursed enemies. Check out the details below.

Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Bitter Storm
Tia Dalma conjures a storm that damages and silences enemies. If an enemy is already silenced their remaining silence duration is increased.

  • Increased damage
  • Increased Silence duration
  • Tia Dalma now increases the remaining silence duration on enemies already silenced

Mystic Charm
Tia Dalma charms the furthest enemy and increases their skill power while charmed.

  • Increased charm duration
  • Increased skill power granted to the Charmed enemy

Tidal Rush
Tia Dalma launches a wave that deals damage and knocks back enemies. The wave deals more damage as it travels. If Tia Dalma uses this skill when all enemies are silenced, she launches two waves instead of one

  • Increased damage minimum and maximum damage
  • Tia Dalma now launches two waves instead of one if all enemies are silenced when she uses this skill

Mystic Curse
Bitter Storm and Tidal Rush Curse enemies for a duration.

  • Increased Curse duration

Dark Curse
Tia Dalma gains energy whenever an enemy is Cursed. Charmed enemies gain basic damage.

  • Increased basic damage to Charmed enemies
  • Increased passive stat boosts of skill power, max HP, and damage to Bitter Storm

Tia Dalma’s Memory Disks

“Elephant in the Room” from Yax

  • Increased damage over time to Silenced enemies
  • Increased duration buff to Tia’s and allies’ Silences
  • Now, if an enemy is Cursed and Silenced, they take additional damage over time

“Mystic Mixture” from Jack Sparrow

  • The Charm from Mystic Charm deals more damage over time to nearby enemies
  • Tia Dalma’s Charm lasts longer
  • Now, when a Charmed enemy is Cursed, the remaining duration on their Charm is increased
    • The Charm and Curse can be from Tia Dalma or her allies

New Friendship System!

Friendships & Missions have gotten a revamp. Read the full details here. Below contains just the highlights.

  • No more Friend XP or Friend levels!
  • Disks now unlock after beating Episode 1 of a friend campaign; but you’ll have to progress through the Friend Campaign to be able to Evolve the Disk.
  • UI navigation for friends is now faster and easier
  • Disks are now viewable for locked Friendships
  • New Missions system!
    • Missions UI is now greatly simplified. No more scrolling through long lists to find the right Mission! Just pick a friendship, then pick one of two Mission types (Memories or Disk Power).

  • Missions now automatically restart when completed. But if you wait too long to collect rewards, Missions will pause.
  • Missions no longer have a fail chance. Instead, the progression of your Heroes will make Missions run faster.
  • Mission Speedups now have a slider to use as many as you want at once.
  • Transitioning from the old to new Friendship & Missions:
    • All Friend Campaign progress will remain the same. Disks will be automatically unlocked for Friend Campaigns where you’ve completed the 1st Episode.
    • Any uncollected or in progress missions you have will be auto completed with their rewards sent to your mailbox.
    • Friend Campaigns now give Memories every few episodes. Any Memories from in progress or completed Friend Campaigns will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Reinfected node changes
    • Reinfected nodes in the Campaign will no longer appear daily.
      • Existing reinfected nodes can still be completed.
    • Disk Power rewards from reinfections have been shifted into the new Missions system.
    • Virus and Anti-Virus items can now be sold for 10,000 gold each
  • VIP changes

Other Improvements

  • Weekly Quest is now easier to complete! It now takes 21 / 42 / 63 / 84 / 105 total quests to complete each tier (instead of 35 / 70 / 105 / 140 / 175).
  • Increased the stamina from Buy More Stamina. The amount will vary by server, but it is a range from 1.44x on Server 1 to 1.12x on Servers 21 and 22
  • Sadness’ friendships are now available

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Fixes
    • Robin Hood’s white skill now says that he does True Damage to Studied enemies. This is not a new behavior, but a clarification in the description.
    • Tron’s white skill now fully removes Hakuna Matata from Timon & Pumbaa. (Previously it wasn’t removing the crit immunity)
    • Fixed an issue where red skill bonuses were being added twice to the hero stats screen. The bonuses were being applied correctly in combat, but were being displayed incorrectly on the information screen.
  • Fixed a bug in Creep Surge where the mercenary could be marked as used, leaving the player unable to hire another one.
  • Fixed an issue where iOS users with newer devices were opening to a black screen.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-22 Update

New Hero

  • Kim Possible will only be available in Diamond Crates

Existing Hero

  • Angel will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full update (app store and server) that is currently scheduled for Tuesday, October 6.


OMG it’s here!

Stitch and Kim meet again!


It is time!! OMG I think this is the best patch we have gotten so far.


Yay Tia refresh and Kim


This design kinda reminds me of that “fake image” of her long ago lol

But finally Kim has arrived!!!
Also, how come there’s no new villains yet :thinking:


I bet someone will come soon.


So the fake Kim image was real (apparently)


Come on everyone. Put your hands together. She travels around the world and defeat bad guy. And hang out with her sidekick and her boyfriend. KIM POSSIBLE


Nice, Nice, Nice, Very very Nice! The wait is over!


It was about time… We’ve been waiting this day since the game begun… I’M SO EXCITED!!!


How “fake”


So the fake image was legit. Change my mind.


And here i thought this picture was fake. But this one is real


I have same thoughts as well! Woah. Plot twist.




The era of Kimplaints has ended.
2.3 is officially a great update.


Now we get kermplaints:eyes:


Finally this day has come!
This patch will remain in the forums’ history! :grin:

Well apart from the obvious hype for Kim joining the game, Tia’s refresh looks pretty good! Excited for the friendship rework too :+1:


Let’s review this update now shall we



Kimtastic. I never got into Kim Possible, but this weekend might be the time to do it. Happy that people will no longer have to ask for her! The character and skill icon art is awesome too.

Too bad it is Diamond crates though.

Reminds me of Li Shang. Should be a cool skill and interesting for the game.

I like this skill. I see Amelia synergy!

This is a crazy good/cool skill. Very powerful and useful.

The red skill is VERY strong.

She seems like someone who will fit well into the game and where it is at right now!

Love it.

Tia’s refresh seems pretty good. Could be better though.

Glad the friendship refresh is coming!


This patch note seems great!
Finally Kim has come. The friendship refresh that is coming seems really cool.
And Tia will become even more powerful :slight_smile:

What do we call complaints for Anna… cause that is me.

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