Update 2.4 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.4

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.4 Update! This release features Disgust from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out!


  • New! Hero Disgust from Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out!
  • More improvements to Friendships and Invasion!



Disgust is a mid-line ”Control” hero. Disgust will be available in Diamond Crates on all servers.


Ew, Gross
Passive: Disgust gains stacks of Distaste each time she damages an enemy with her basic attacks or skills.

Active: Disgust makes a face and waves her arms to ward off gross enemies, removing her stacks of Distaste and dealing damage per stack of Distaste to the closest enemies.

Are You Kidding?
Disgust scoffs, dealing damage to all enemies and silencing them.

Definitely Not
Disgust makes a face at the first enemy who KO’s one of her allies, dealing damage to them and reducing their basic damage and armor.

Uncool Club
When Disgust damages a silenced enemy with “Ew. Gross”, she also deals damage to nearby enemies per stack of Distaste.

Fashion Forward
Disgust is healed for every few stacks of Distaste she gains. When an enemy is silenced, Disgust steals a number of their common buffs.


  • Disgust & Sadness
  • Disgust & Flynn Rider

Please note, Disgust’s emojis will not be available until 2.4.10.

New Red Skills

Strength To Spare
Allies gain a percent of Hercules’ max HP as armor. While Hercules’ or allies are Invincible they are also Energized. Energized heroes gain extra energy each time they basic attack.

Silent Treatment
“Silence is Golden” additionally targets the enemy with the most energy. Silences applied by Megara also last longer against silenced enemies. Buffs applied to Megara are also applied to her linked Hero. Up to X buffs can be applied this way every few seconds.

Jack Sparrow
When Jack Sparrow has a shield, the energy he gains is increased . Each time Jack uses “Avast!”, he fires more cannonballs with “Avast!.”

Robin Hood
Sure Shot
Robin Hood is always “precise.” Precise Heroes can target invisible enemies, their attacks can’t be dodged, and their disables can’t be evaded. Robin Hood has a chance to block debuffs applied by studied enemies to himself or allies.

Positive Thinking
Joy and her allies can’t have their buffs removed or stolen by enemies for the first few seconds of each wave! When Joy or her allies are healed above their max HP, a percent of that extra HP is converted into max HP!

Be Brave
Whenever Merida damages an enemy, she applies a stack of Weakness to them that lasts a few seconds. Enemies with Weakness take more damage per stack and enemies can have a max of X stacks of Weakness.

The Beast
Beastly Brawl
Every few seconds, when The Beast Crits an enemy, he removes Armor from them. If The Beast Super Crits an enemy, he also Silences them.

Other Improvements

  • Friendship Changes
    • New Mission type: Friend Campaign Power-Ups! These Power-Up will improve the stats of all Heroes during that Friend Campaign. This will help players progress through campaigns they may find too difficult.
      • Power-Ups obtained through Missions are automatically applied and give +1 Power-Up level to all heroes during that Friend Campaign.
      • The Power-Ups don’t expire and last for all episodes in the Friend Campaign.
      • The Power-Ups give the same stats as Invasion Power-Ups.
    • Added a new consumable item for Friend Power-Ups. This consumable item can be used to Power-Up any Friend campaign. These will be obtainable through events.
    • Mission sort changes - now Missions that need more items to continue sort to the top
    • Friend disks can now be leveled up when the secondary hero is level 21 instead of level 41. The level costs have not been changed, just when players can start spending Disk Power on them. Max disk level is also unaffected.
    • Added a tooltip to the friend campaign episode rewards.
  • Invasion Improvements
    • Added a “Use All” Power Up Button for the Invasion Team. Players can still choose to apply Power Ups to individual heroes, but now there’s an option to apply them all to the current team.
    • Improved the Fight Result screen for quick fights so it will show the KO’d status of your team.
    • Change to the sort order for guild member bosses. They will now sort based on expiration time descending (it was previously ascending)
  • Added information to the Guild information and the Leave Guild confirmation screen about the 24 hour cooldown.
  • Improved rewards in Guild War Boxes!
    • Resources will now scale based off of the Maximum Team Level of the Server
    • We’ve also added new rewards to the War Boxes including Skill Point Consumables and Red Skill Crates in the Season Rewards!
    • The new values will be available with the new season starting on November 1.
  • Added a setting for the “Needed” button to ignore power crafting. This will make the “Needed” button focus just on the components needed to craft a badge. (Make sure to change this in the settings menu if you want to change the current behavior!)

Bug Fixes

  • Hero fixes:
    • Fixed a bug with The Evil Queen’s friend disk where it was activating with speed bonuses from collections. It should only apply with active increased attack speed buffs
    • Fixed a bug where Syndrome’s blue skill could sometimes leave opponents in the air
    • Fixed a bug where KO’d Megara could remain on the screen and cause the battle to time out
    • Fixed a bug where Maximus could heal while frozen
    • Added Kim Possible’s victory sound FX
  • Made some additional fixes that should address the iOS and black screen issue
  • Fixed a display issue where the amount of Influence earned this week and last week were swapped
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a small number of people to crash on the Ceep Surge members screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some mods could display two plus signs on the hero page
  • Fixed an issue where hero chips were being displayed as an upgrade drop. This was a visual issue with the results screen.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-22 Update

  • New Hero: Disgust will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Existing Hero: Ian Lightfoot will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, October 27


Yes! So happy! But why Diamond Crates :sob:


Oh… I guess no new villains :sob:


Unfortunately! But Disgust is amazing too!


Yess!!! Power ups! Now I can soar through the friendships. I think…
Disgust seems cool. But, no villains? :thinking: :cry:


Disgust looks great!!! :smiley:


Yay! They look great!

(I’m not even at red but yay!)


Nice! That will be about looks I guess… :joy:


Same here. Looking forward to Megara’s


Disgust looks amazing but hopefully This will be our last chance to get a villain for October


Finally, it was really frustrating.
Just to note, green skill ignores slow, in that case, he only heals (without animation).
Kristoff still ignores tenacity.
Vanellope’s white skill is affected by slows but it shouldn’t. She can be also targeted while using the active.

And, Robin’s red skill looks great!

No new villains :thinking:


Now this is a super-limiting and awful red skill. It just improves Jack Sparrow no bit! Why does he have to suffer with mediocrity? Couldn´t the idea from red skill discussion ideas be used?

Literally every red skill would be better than this. I wonder, what are the bonus stats given to Jack Sparrow with the red skill, @Polaris?

This is very nice tho.


I’m liking most of the red skills… excited for Merida though


Not a single villain
giphy (72)
Disgust looks cool though.


Joy is a support
Anger is a damage
Sadness is a tank
And now Disgust is a control

All we have left is Fear, he would’ve been perfect to celebrate the spooky season


Disgust actually seems more like a damage, hopefully her disks will make up for that


Thank you.

That’s a strange skill name…

Herc will be great for Invasion if this isn’t level dependent :grinning:

Reflection, am I right? :smirk:


Tron (Fl) counter!

“Frost”… but better


Why :sob:

This was an issue with Angel… not Meg… at least exploits have been prevented

Now she isn’t mute :slightly_smiling_face:


Can’t wait for Disgust! :grinning:


In this case, with Ian (Go) there will be three allies with reflection :slight_smile:


Don’t worry. They’ll be also avaiable as contest prizes (mostly by getting 3 stars). That’s how I got Maximus and Angel, despite them being otherwise exclusives to diamond crates at the time.

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