Update: 3.1.10 Patch Notes

SO FRICKEN EXCITED FOR SHANK… She seems like she’s gonna be OP


I was definitely not expecting quackerjack…a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!!


The very second I pull this from a cosmetic crate, it is going to become my avatar. Mark my words.


This should be opposite :confused:


Uh-oh. Here comes Old Bad News himself… the Honourable Sheriff of Nottingham. as well as Quackerjack! Two new villains!


Let me guess it’s about money for Sheriff of Nothingham

Well Lock Shock and Barrel I get for QuackerJack but Slinky dog?

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Oh here it is, the refresh that I asked for who knows how many times when I used her :sweat_smile:

Hm perhaps it’s time to pick back Shank from the top ~25 of my roster where I left her. I guess pairing with Joy will still be a must but I’m excited to try her :grin:


Whsg do you mean No?!


Now we got the bad guys!!


So this is what they’ve been up to?

Well I’m not complaining! Pretty nice.

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is the Codebase going to drop more megabits for players above level 245 when the new rank is released?


Sheriff of Nottingham looks interesting, and possibly points to a renewed focus on Sap, which seems to have pretty much been neglected since its introduction.

Quackerjack looks potentially OP, especially giving out Fatigue stacks like stale candy on Halloween. Plus, we finally got a hero added to the game that wasn’t leaked ahead of time, and he’s one of my favorite villains from one of my favorite Disney series. Color me gobsmacked.

Shank’s refresh shows promise, focusing on improving her performance in her existing niche, which is arguably a unique one and potentially useful. Though, once again, I won’t be able to spare the resources to try her out, I hope her fans are able to make good use of her in their teams now.

A few questions:

Is the fix that Tink gives the shield to Peter Pan, or that she’s no longer able to steal it?

Any further details on this improvement? There’s certainly some changes I’d like to see made to the feature; if any were implemented, I might start putting it to use beyond jumping new heroes up to Purple.

Soooo… I’m guessing you won’t be able to tell us, but just on the off chance you can, where will John Silver end up when he’s replaced as the Challenger League exclusive hero?

Overall, a good update, even if (sigh) it includes a rank and level increase. Depending on the Power Promote polish, it might even get bumped up to excellent.


Finally the Patch Notes has come

A hero to change the city watch crates and the first Tank of Back-Line, he looks interesting

Totally unexpected, another “Hero” of the Darkwing Duck, GOOD

It was seen to come with Shank’s error but also a Good Refresh is appreciated

Somewhat late but better than never (Hero improvements and bug fixes are appreciated)

Well obviously we would have the Cap Raise

Pretty good update, pretty good


@Loutre is this supposed to flipped

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I don’t get it… CW crate and Challengers exclusive heroes were tied, why this is happening now?
It should be…

  • Sheriff is new Challengers Exclusive Hero
  • John Silver moves to CW crate
  • Jumba moves to elite

Why cutting off the rotations which are terrible already?
@Loutre? Is that definitely correct?

Oh boy, oh boy! This is exciting!
And really nice thing with Slinky friendship. :smiley:

More fatigue… hmmm, wonder when will be more hardy.

And who is now glad to upgrade her and make her 3rd best toon? Me!
But the refresh seems pretty empty… and does nothing about her biggest issue - terrible tenacity.

Wait… no additional stat bonuses increases?
Also, I hope she will be removed from friendships as an enemy.

I… umm… I need to see it to comment on that.

Good badges… please.

Well, good update, mainly for finally releasing 2 heroes at once!


@Loutre I think you made a mistake

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Fixed Banana Boom / History Lesson


Thank you :grin::grin::grin:

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Cool, cool.

I love his design!


Sheriff of Nottingham: (Enter into city) Well, greetings from your friendly neighborhood tax collecter.

Quackerjack: (Enter into city cackling): Soon this whole city will be my playground.

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