Update: 3.1.10 Patch Notes

Could you ask the team about that?
Feels wrong.


Sheriff starts in the back, but after a set time changes to melee attack which makes him go to the front. So in all technicality not a back-line Tank, just written as one.
And he is basically 100% switched around Esmeralda, who starts at the front and moves to the back, leaving Djali in the front.

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Oh I get it now


YESS! I’m all for this!! This was so worth the wait!! Sheriff as the first backline tank sounds interesting. I was SO not expecting Quackerjack! He looks so amazing!! He’s gonna be a blast to play as!! Nice to know that Megavolt is not alone in the new city!! Here’s hoping for Bushroot and Liquidator soon!!



He here to take the money from the creeps


Yes more Darkwing Duck villains dMgL1d7xIvlJ_PnVDlZjWfPtF2ovM2oiN7WXjjvOQ3p836GUON-90nFZyiZQh5nDZaJ_rZW7bE9sQNZymjXUfU1T5apY_s8B-aCdrqdY_s1oshDlb0i8xjq_rbEPeO_ZUmqXqDlt


He looks awesome3H6oGtYMHCBQyBF5NurbusWacmxH1q9sEmZD94kgpnuUZ6ejIpLot6oCFtKiKBgsZlyb-DAGmytaAHlCkAvOU3NNRZAUa4a_kEs9HrgVCx136xdSQtw4wM7omJn9H9ABUmcb_nI4


Or steal money from Scrooge and Hamm it looks like. It’s pretty dumb of him to steal from Scrooge given that the old quacker deals with Glomgold, The Beagle Boys, and Magica on a regular basis.

As for Hamm, the Sheriff can’t be that heartless as to steal $6 in change from a piggy bank. Would he? (Of course he did steal a farthing from a kid, on his birthday no less).

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So Shank’s bug did foreshadow her refresh :thinking:

Well he can’t just keep doing that

Also…Im pretty sure they fixed baloo?? I’m not sure

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Can you tell us any more about “Polish to Power Promote” listed under Other Improvements?

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Yes this has to be looked at it makes more sense that Sheriff went to challengers and John Silver moved to City watch crates.

John Silver has been challengers reward for long enough.

Your really bad at event hero rotations don’t get me started on Swedish chef he needs moving out from contest as well. @Loutre

That’s what i’m sad about. Quackerjack doesn’t have a friendship with Megavolt. They teamed up a few times in the original series.

Also, aren’t you forgetting someone? :smiling_imp: :duck:

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Oh yes!! How could I forget!!


I didn’t watch Darkwing Duck but Quackerjack looks like such a great character! Thanks for picking him. The Sheriff looks great too! I love how they’re not really main villains that you see when it comes to Disney villains so it’s great they get love from this game. I can’t wait for both! As well as Shanks’ refresh! Fantastic news! Well worth the wait!


You should definitely watch this show. Probably the best writing I have ever heard in a show ever. So many funny and memorable lines!


While I am really excited for QuackerJack, I honestly feel like his skillset is a bit bland, and I feel like my original concept was a Bit better.

My concept


Like “Let’s get dangerous”


Amazing update!
I need QuackerJack´s skill icons

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