Update 3.1 Known Issues

Is isn’t possible I am in server 24 and there are yellow ranks!

What is this?!

it is not possible

Thank for remember the thing

Yeah, why Carl, it should be Russell

Why?! Why are all available, it is bad don’t do anything for unlock all levels, is lazy, no?

In the newest update they opened it up to all servers that they could try out any Trial level they wanted :-).

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Is good that can try with yellow rank but is missing the difficulties of Y1 and Y2

Ah, the Y1 and Y2 difficulties aren’t out yet, they don’t have Trials for the 2 newest difficulties I think :-).

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Oh hehe…

I don’t see that in the patch notes

Ah, they are in the Other Improvements section, a bit hard to spot maybe :-).

I think that need a little bit of bug fixes

Give it a try. First, tap the stamina button, and tap on use 10 and keep doing it until you think it’s enough.

Try checking, and scan very carefully for it.

I have tried it and I don’t like it. Anyway what if I just want to use daily stamina and want to unlock just 1 badge I still have the same problem of the game making craft every single badge instead of just taking me to the badge that I need bits for


Ok. How do you compare power craft systems from before and now?

They obviously like the one from before better, because that’s what they are complaining about in the first place

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Just wanted to be sure that this wasn’t a typo as every hero that gets the buff from a role seems to be the same role as that hero :thinking:

So should it be “Support” and not “Tank”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The black bar is really and issue, but the first photo is the where everything is set in another language other than English.


It’s there to block the user’s account ID :roll_eyes:

They probably changed the language…

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