Update 3.1 Known Issues

They added that to hide their ID…

Maybe they also talk spainsh :man_shrugging:. Y´know, some persons are bilingual…
I sometimes have my game in english and sometimes in spanish.

I think they mean that with only TL 85 they unlocked all that red stuff in trials.
@IWillNeverVisitTheForumsAgain, that was announced in the patch notes and is not a bug. All servers have all trials and ports unlocked. No matter your TL.

So @Loutre is this supposed to be Tank or is it supposed to be Support? :thinking:

Maybe that server update will fix it :thinking:


Hopefully because if not then I can’t really think of any tanks that would be good on a team with her other than Hades for his disk to increase her fire damage

It’s after… and not sure what was changed.
Guess it will need a full update. Waiting for 3.1.10

It will change back to English. It just needs to be fixed.
Blocking the account ID seems to be private and kept very secret. I’d say that it’s the only way to keep your account really safe.

That along with Kim and Baloo’s issues which are priority number one.

They. Probably. Just. Changed. It. Because. Their. Main. Language. Is. Spanish.

Well, we will just have to think of a compromise for the 2 power craft systems.

Easy now. Just edit it into one sentence.
Was that account from Mexico, Spain, or Colombia?


I dunno if you know this, but English is not the only language in existence.


Why does it matter? Oh wait, it doesn’t


Is Spanish, my Disney heroes is in Spanish

I think it’s intentional, the purpose of Battle Badges is to create synergy as far as I have heard

See, @Incredible_Zoo_VI?

That might also be a hint for Quasimodo’s future role in the game, but maybe I’m overthinking.

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The new powercraft mode is just awful. The way it’s set it takes even longer to craft badges, and makes it too easy mistakenly waste stamina containers.


The level number above the slider is sometimes red and sometimes white. I am able to upgrade them without issue. It seems to be only this hero. Upgrading just one level shows white. Any more than that it turns red

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Check, yellow ranks!


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Actually it is possible to beat that stage with certain combo when maxed in your server.

Anyway @Loutre, I think Russell and Kevin´s blue skill with Fantastic DoT dealer is broken against Mama Bot. 8% Max HP a second drain… in 12s the bot is gone.

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