Update 3.1 Known Issues

Madam Mim does it much faster.

In both situations you need maxed skill, so… a tons of power-ups from hard(long) work. You just don’t like him and poorly scream for his nerf. Eh…
Nothing needs a nerf here.

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also can confirm this, it’s on some of my heroes and not others… no reason :man_shrugging:

Second that Mr hoops. I want to be able to choose when my stamina consumables are used while crafting. Could that be an option perblue please?

Oh and additionally the " needed function while crafting seems to be broken. It used to take you to the badge you needed next

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Only as much as you scream for nerfing Dash, my dear. :wink:

I agree Kevin doesn’t need a nerf and I’m still fighting for Demona’s return as a Blue Invasion superstar…
For Demona’s return with no damage limit only a level limit like Mim :fist: Who’s with me for Demona’s justice? :fist:


How about cutting Simba and Nala in? And Wasabi??? (putting his % onto the white skill and have a level cap there OR putting level cap inside the disk instead of the cap)…

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Not happening as his is for his disk and would work for every color like before and play we already have Kevin for red invasion for now that is until the nerf

At this point we already have Kevin taking that spot until the nerf because of you reporting it and PB giving her a damage limit most likely

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At that point then give Mim a cap as well and say bye bye to those that oppose it. :man_shrugging:
There is no way they won’t cap Russell anyway. Just needs attention. If it’s indeed as intended, nothing will happen.

Are you trying to just ruin the game? Because it seem like you just want invasion to be a living heck for everyone like Blue invasion already is for most everybody


Yes, everyone must be trash but Jack and Dash.
The other’s money you don’t care about.

Russell’s and Madam’s skills are locked behind a cap, this forces to use power-ups. She is fine for years so is he… they even made Madam better.

Also… red invasion-- Gizmo and Pleakley are much better. No nerf needed anywhere.

And it won’t be first time… sad.

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JUSTICE!!! :fist:

What? IF SOMETHING IS NOT WORKING AS INTENDED, PerBlue team is the sole entity to decide how to change the thing, if at all.
The more it remains hidden, the more of an unfair advantage the people that do know have over those that do not.
Legal but unfair.

Why should I care about other’s money. It’s yours and everyone elses choice to raise and spend money on whatever they want. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to change at some point. You are working with an assessment that everything is stable and won’t change. Which is clearly not tru.

See, Raymond?

Yeah, let’s technically kill the bot in guaranteed 13 fast hits (or even less with Amelia). That’s infinitely more OP than Mim where you need 2 chops, not just passive skills and attacks.

But as I say, let PB decide what is fair and what is not. :slight_smile:
(Changes the shatter to 3% Max HP as True Damage…)

Shield mods upgrades and most of shield heroes being completely useless due to Dash (Vi) and Shan. Balanced and fair.

ONLY if you spend many hours in invasion farming power-ups. Otherwise Shatter isn’t applied.
This is how Madam Mim works for years, stop complaining… it’s boring.



Have you read discord because I already said about Gizmo and Pleakley… lol

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Same as most old heroes against Slinky… nobody saying a thing.


As always your beloved heroes MUST NOT GET NERFED. Others can suck… nice.

Why do we discuss something here then? :thinking:

But really explain to me why I, a mere user should care about other users spent money? You are sane, it’s your choice, there are Terms of Service (which you likely haven’t read)…

If anything, PerBlue should care about you spending money. Solely them. And hence why the report is justifiable. If they do agree with you saying the skill is ok, nothing will be done. If something isn’t right, they will change. End.

… everything is good now.

No need for changes.

Other than the one for Demona or to finally get a good hero for Blue Invasion

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