Update 3.2.10 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 3.2.10 update:

  • Possible Google Play update not showing. This is a Google Play side issue and you may need to wait for the update to show or clear cache in the Google Play Store App.
  • Fred’s Sign on Fire skill is missing text.
  • Crashing on some Android devices; Team is looking into it.
  • Barley Lightfoot quote missing on Stat screen

These issues have been resolved:


Auto crashing immediately after opening for me. Android 12

Edit: both Google play and in game have updated

Edit again: wiped cache and data and it’s working.


@Loutre something doesn’t seem right here looks like it’s missing some text


I was just going to post that thing.

are you on Android?


@Loutre is this correct?

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No apple why

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And others are reporting it also

Just making sure I relay all information back to the team

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Are you asking about the coming soon?

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Yes, I thought the challengers are done and we should be able to close off the last book after the update?

Servers 21-24 don´t have all challenges 1-5 have. So you will still gain some new ones for quite a while.

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Im on S18 :slight_smile:
have 211 on 18, same as on 1

Same applies. Anything in vicinity of 20+ servers is likely going to have less challenges available than 1-5. Not sure though, but I feel like we got all of them by R12 (the lowest cap).

Fred’s descriptions are all weird - I haven’t unlocked him yet but reading his skills there are definitely some placeholder text there.

That’s a relief.
Although these latest updates having side issues is getting pretty annoying.

Thank you for the update!

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App crashing android 11 after updating

Hi there! Can you try clearing cache and let me know if that works?

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Not available in google store to update for last 2 hours now :frowning:

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