Update 3.3.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 3.3.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 3.3.10 Update! This release features Bolt from Disney’s Bolt ,improvements to the Prize Wall, plus a number of other improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Bolt from Disney’s Bolt!
  • Prize Wall Improvements!
  • Bug Fixes and more!



Bolt is a mid-line “Damage” hero on the Red team. Bolt will be available from the Prize Wall!


Super Bark

Bolt lets out a super bark which deals Normal Damage to all enemies while Knocking them back and Blinding them.

Super Jump

Bolt jumps up and lands on the ground with force, sending debris towards the closest enemy. The enemy takes Normal Damage and has their Armor reduced.

Super Speed

Bolt charges and headbutts the enemy with the highest Normal Crit, dealing Normal Damage and Stunning them. Bolt also steals Energy and removes all Shields from the enemy.

Mark Of Power

Bolt’s Basic Attacks deal Bonus True Damage and he gains Attack Speed and Movement Speed when he has X or more Energy.

Dog Face

Bolt gains Attack Speed and Move Speed for after using a skill. Bolt also reduces the remaining cooldown of “Super Jump” and “Super Speed” by a few seconds every X Basic Attacks. Enemies hit by “Super Speed” have their Tenacity and Evasion reduced.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Enemies are Knocked Back
  • Stat Buff: +Basic Damage
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Damage Role Ally
  • Effect Buff: +Attack Speed


  • Cheshire Cat
  • Clawhauser

Hero Refresh

In 3.2.10 we said “Hero refreshes will return with the 3.3.10 update!” and here we are at 3.3.10 but we don’t have a hero refresh ready for you.

We do plan to have hero refreshes again, but right now the team is focused on new heroes. We’ll have more details to share about that in the next State of the Game post that we’re working on for this month.

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Shego where her damage over time skill could be transferred to her own team if she were charmed while it was active. Once activated, the damage should remain on the opponents.
  • Clarified Angel’s blue skill to make it clear that skill is a revive.
  • Fixed a bug with The Rocketeer where the disk silenced all types of enemies when it should only silence control role enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Fred where the disable status icon would remain on him even after disables had been removed.
  • Adjusted Maui’s white skill so it will truly wait until he can make a KO. It will now include shield HP in the calculation and wait for invincibility or other buffs to end before activating.
  • Adjusted Fred’s animations so it’s more clear what he’s doing in combat. His mechanics haven’t changed, just the visual feedback during the battle.
  • Fixed a bug where Wall-E’s purple skill didn’t always clear sap at the start of a wave.

Prize Wall Improvements

  • In addition to the grand prize, other rewards will also scale every 10 levels.
  • Added a new Daily Quest - Spend 1 Prize Token
  • Added VIP Rings to the deal display. They were being awarded for purchases, but now they’re displayed.
  • Improved the grand prize animation
  • Fixed a bug where the quest wouldn’t immediately count progress for opening a diamond crate from the diamond quests screen
  • Fixed a bug where the quest screen didn’t show when all the quest resets were completed. Everyone has an equal number of chances for the daily quests to reset. Due to time zones, some players finished the quests sooner than others.
  • The next Prize Wall event will start at 9AM CT on Thursday, September 9!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where free offers were granting VIP Bonus Diamonds. VIP Bonus Diamonds should only be awarded for purchases.
  • Fixed a bug where the red dot on the main screen calendar icon wouldn’t go away

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-24 Update

New Heroes

  • Bolt will be available from the Prize Wall

Existing Heroes

  • Lilo will be an event exclusive hero
  • Fozzie Bear will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards
  • Swedish Chef will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Wednesday, September 8, 2021.



Finally first dog hero!

And it’s all amazing Bolt!!!


That’s some crazy movements… but at the end… wait what, Fozzie?


Yeah, baby!



Will be there clipart?

Good to see these will be fixed.

Could be said by how much?
1 more crate?

Is it possible to reveal the rewards from it?


I can’t believe the other day I was saying I wanted bolt to be in the game and now he’s being added lol.


Such random rotations :thinking:

And no refresh again :frowning:

Really nice unexpected hero tho!


It was fun watching you guys in the other thread saying you knew who was coming while I was sitting here like


Holy cow! I wasn’t expecting Bolt to be announced sooner, but he was one of the characters that I’d like to see in here! I knew Bolt would make a lot of sense since he’s a decent fighter on his own. I love the friend campaign that Bolt would stick up with.
And hold it. Are you saying Fozzie is going to ‘replace’ Swedish Chef as the new contest rank hero? I……I don’t get it, I’m surprised. I thought a brand new hero would be the new one. But okay well, I’m fine with that.
I feel like team blue fits a little better to me, but I don’t think it matters since blue had more heroes anyway.
Overall, I’m excited as usual!:+1::dog::guide_dog:


BOLT?!l :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Really nice dog named Bolt


That’s how I picture all of you still not giving us new guild perks or double port events.


No refresh? Another hero I have nearly maxed out in Contest rewards? Disgusting.

Why am I even here?


I always knew bolt was going to come in the game and I also knew he was gonna be on the red team now we need Penny Forrester, Mittens, and Rino


YES!!! FINALLY!!! Bolt is here!! My childhood film has returned! I can’t wait to see his interaction with Clawhauser! Cheshire is an interesting choice, but I’m interested in seeing this story unfold! Great update despite no hero refresh!



I was waiting for a refresh.Bolt it’s amazing .


Omg ANOTHER DOG HERO!!! I love dogs, so this makes me so happ :dog::dog:



It’s the easiest thing in the world.

Raise some numbers. Boost some scaling.

Boom. You’re done.

It could be done in 5 minutes.

Give me a break. This is pathetic.


Huh… two ‘‘cats’’.

Wonder if Mittens will be added. She would be so nice to be added…

Datamine lied! :cry:


Let’s hope for the best!!


That would be a very bad way to refresh some characters! As the post said, we’re focusing on new heroes right now and will have more details to share later this month in the next State of the Game post.

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