Update 3.4 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 3.4

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 3.4 Update! This release features Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Gadget Hackwrench from Disney’s Rescue Rangers! Plus the October Sign-In Hero and Shop Refresh, and a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  • New! Gadget Hackwrench from Disney’s Rescue Rangers
  • October Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh
  • Improvements and Bug Fixes!


Ariel is a back-line ”Support” hero on the Blue team. Ariel will be available in the next Prize Wall!


Mermaid Song

Ariel sings and creates large ripples in the water. As the ripples pass through Ariel and her allies, they Heal them over time and Cleanse them. As the ripples pass through enemies they Knock them back and deal Fantastic Damage.

Soothing Voice

Ariel sings to her allies missing the most HP, removing random debuffs from each ally and Healing them over time.

Fish Squirt

Every few seconds, Ariel’s fish friend spits water at the closest enemy, Knocking them back and slowing their Movement and Attack Speed. When this happens, the allies missing the most HP Heal.

Sea Music

When Ariel applies a Heal to any Hero, their Max HP increases for the rest of the wave up to a maximum.

Flipping Around

At the beginning of each wave, Ariel and her allies Heal over time. “Fish Squirt” now Heals Ariel in addition to her allies. When Ariel reaches a percent of her Max HP, she uses “Fish Squirt” and the cooldown is reset. When “Fish Squirt” is used in this way, both Ariel and her allies Heal for a percent of their Max HP instead of the normal amount. This can only happen a number of times per wave.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Enemies are knocked back
  • Stat Buff: +Skill Power per Blue Team Ally
  • Lineup Buff: +Max HP
  • Effect Buff: Team Heal over Time


  • Gerald, Marlin & Nemo
  • Hector Barbossa

Gadget Hackwrench

Gadget Hackwrench is a back-line “Damage” hero on the Yellow team. Gadget will be available as the October Sign-In Hero!


Magnetic Deflection

Gadget whips out a magnet, pulling the enemy with the least remaining HP toward her. The enemy takes Fantastic Damage and is Stunned. Gadget Knocks Back all other enemies and Snares them. Snared enemies have their Movement Speed reduced to 0%. They can still use Basic Attacks and Skills that are within range.

Plunger Hold

At the beginning of each wave, Gadget fires her plunger crossbow at random enemies. Each plunger deals Normal Damage, Knocks Back, and Snares.

Nuts And Bolts

Gadget pulls out her invention that malfunctions and sends a propeller at the farthest enemy. The propeller erupts in a hail of nuts and bolts, dealing Normal Damage to nearby enemies plus bonus True Damage to nearby enemies who are Snared.

Strong Pull

When an enemy is Snared Gadget gains Basic Damage for the rest of the wave, up to a maximum. Gadget keeps a percent of this buff from wave to wave.


When Gadget uses “Magnetic Deflection”, the remaining cooldown of “Nuts And Bolts” is reduced. “Magnetic Deflection” deals more Fantastic Damage to the targeted enemy and has a chance to apply stacks of Weakness.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Enemies are knocked back
  • Stat Buff: +Basic Damage per Yellow Team Ally
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power
  • Effect Buff: Energized


  • Megavolt
  • Clawhauser

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Gerald, Marlin & Nemo where their basic attack would always miss if the opponent was behind them.
  • Fixed an issue where Pocahontas’ VFX could cause Invasion Breaker Battles to crash
  • Fixed an issue where Woody was only showing up as a lasso
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Kermit’s evade to not calculate correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Vinny and Jessie could get stuck in an infinite loop
  • Fixed an issue where Darkwing Duck and Linguini & Remy’s speed buff were causing them to be stunned by Vinny, even when the buff wasn’t triggered.

Other Improvements

  • We’ve made more improvements to the Prize Wall!
    • We moved the main screen icon to be next to the calendar if there are a lot of other icons on the stack.
    • We streamlined the shuffle animation to make it shorter
    • We added a timer to the Quests screen so you can see when your quests will end. Each player gets the same number of resets to the quests, but due to time zones, some people use them all before the end of the event.
  • We’ve significantly increased the gold reward scaling in Arena and Coliseum Challenger Seasons.
  • We’ve decreased the gold reward scaling in Creep Surge for rewards over 10M Hero Power defeated. This will not affect the vast majority of players. Most players fall under the 10M level.
  • We’ve improved the sorting and filtering on the items screen. It’s now easier to navigate your inventory!
  • Private messages will now be filtered for language and inappropriate content. It’s using the same filter system as public chat channels.
  • Snare has been added to the Hero Filters
  • You can now tap on the “Heroes in Filter” box and it will open a screen listing all the heroes in that filter.

  • Added “use 10” and “use 100” buttons to the Gold Crate Item screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the back button wasn’t responsive on some devices in Invasion.
  • Fixed an issue with hero level not rolling over correctly when using the +1 button on a hero.
  • Fixed some general issues with oversized buttons causing other screen elements to be cut off
  • Fixed an issue where locked Friend Disks would sort above unlocked Friend Disks on the Friend Campaign screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the timer of Premium Stamina would sometimes reset when claiming it from the mailbox. The timer of Premium Stamina starts when the item is created, not when the item it claimed from the mail.
  • Fixed an issue where the Reverse Sort button on the hero selection in Invasion didn’t work.
  • We fixed an issue where the Hero Filter could show red team heroes when only blue and yellow team were selected
  • Fixed a display issue with combat results that would show total damage over 100%

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-24 Update

New Heroes

  • Ariel will be available from the Prize Wall starting Thursday, September 30

Existing Heroes

  • Bolt will be an event crate exclusive hero
  • Lilo will be available in the VIP Crate
  • Vinny Santorini will be available exclusively in the Diamond Crate
  • Shego will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, September 28

October Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on September 30. Heroes will appear in Crates after the daily reset at 5AM on October 1.

Servers 1-24 Update

New Hero: Gadget will be the October Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Helga Sinclair will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards
  • Fozzie Bear will be available in the Guild Crate
  • Ron Stoppable will be available in the Arena Token Crate
  • Quackerjack will replace Fear in the City Watch Shop
  • Baloo will replace Jumba in the Creep Surge Shop
  • Davy Jones will replace Jim Hawkins in the Arena Shop
  • Colette will replace Tron in the Coliseum Shop
  • Gerald, Marlin & Nemo will replace Carl in the Heist Shop
  • Bunsen & Beaker will replace Demona in the Guild War Shop

Finally :relieved:


Ariel and Gadget look cool!

Shop refreshes are eh (for me at least).

Good update overall.


August? :woozy_face:

Also the new rotations (and the new heroes) look interesting…


Get prepared. We’re going back in time.

But anyways, two new heroes, including Ariel. Probably gonna be like GNM with the water and the rock.

And Fozzie is already out of contest rewards. Wow.


Nice! We finally got a 2nd little mermaid rep. Gadget is fine, though.





AHHHH :sob::sob:



Bunsen is free omg yay


Wait, gold crates can go in your inventory?


I knew it was going to be Gadget but Ariel?


So excited for these two new heroes :tada:


Best update in ages if I might add


Some interesting swaps in places this month!

And nice to see Bunsen and Beaker go to a shop. Can help getting them to 6*

So yeah nice!


Interesting Patch Notes, can’t wait till I get these 2!

Sorta surprised there’s no Ursula friendship to be honest

It hasent been that long, already switching Fozzie out? Interesting


Ariel looks really cool! I’m glad they implemented her mermaid form in there. Probably going to be on a rock like GM&N. I’m very interested to see her friendship with Barbossa! Only one small nitpick, I think she’s supposed to be in the blue team if I remember correctly.

Not a huge fan of Rescue Rangers, but Gadget looks fine. Her sprite is eh, but her skills could be crazy.

Overall, a really cool update!!


Seems like she is just gonna be another basic support that has OP numbers and that’s it :slightly_frowning_face:

I also wish that some of her actual friends were included in the skillset like flounder or scuttle and not some random green fish :tropical_fish: :pensive:

Expected red skill and purple skill for basic support :pensive:

I just wish we could’ve had a little more to her skillset that included some other characters, :upside_down_face:

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GM&N seems obviously but Barbossa… that call my attention and I wanna see the story of the Friendship

@Loutre little mermaid characters are blue team not red

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Make a big nerv and call it “improvement”

Sounds like a big lie!

Ober 50% of the CS teams are over 10m (S1-S14)


Finally! It felt so weird to have Ursula in this game, but not Ariel. Gadget is a nice addition, too.

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