Update 4.7.01 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.7.01

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.7.01 Update! This release features bug fixes to hero skills.


  • Updates to Guild War Leagues
  • Anger’s “Stout Senses” is now replaced with the Patch Talent, “Nimble”
  • Little John is receiving a buff!

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with “Quick Fight” calculations in friendship campaigns.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing Skill Points sometimes use diamonds before Skill Point consumables.

  • Fixed an Issue where MMR and Leagues weren’t being displayed correctly for some Guilds.

Little John

  • Little John now gains a higher amount of Energy from using Basic Attacks and Skills

  • Chummy Charge

    • Increased damage dealt to all enemies
  • Beautiful Brawl

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Armor
  • Belly Bastion

    • Increased Shield HP

Increased Stun Duration on Basic Attacks

  • Rich Reward

    • Increased Reality provided to Little John and allies
    • Increased extra Shield HP to “Belly Bastion”
    • Little John and allies now gain Tenacity
  • Bear Country

    • Increased Max HP provided to Little John and allies
    • Increased Armor provided to Little John and allies
    • Little John and allies now gain Evasion

Token Shop Credit Changes

Credits sold in Token Shops will now be sold at 10x the amount for half the price!

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Friday, February 24, 2023.


That was quick… Like sonic speed lol.


We’ve heard from players that Little John wasn’t packing the punch many expected him to, and want to give him a boost so he meets your expectations as closely as possible! We don’t normally roll out Heroes this way, but we’re interested in how everyone feels about quick changes like this. Do you want to see more quick adjustments like this, and do you think it should be a bigger part of our Hero balance process?


So, I need to update the app to see the changes?


What changed?
I haven’t took the opportunity to log in the game.


If it is for better balance and useful heroes - yes

If it is to adjust a hero that was not that broken and players spent months upgrading them - no


Is it really an app update?


Anger hasnt changed, so assume yes


Totally unexpected. Totally welcome.

Yeah, Little John is pretty bad comparing to everyone new.
He really should give Evasion to himself and allies via his friendship disks. 710 or 1050 evasion.
He is the only tank with not working tenacity/evasion.

His damage is also very low, and number of stolen buffs from red skill is poor too.

Blue skill should target all enemies instead of only one.


I think if the chance is critical it should be asap (Like Anger talent, that was useless because of his own skills)

But general adjustment should be resolved with time after some analysis and players feedback in consideration.


Also, due to bugs Joy and Donald aren’t in S-tier.
Joy especially is becoming very obscure and useless now.

Technically, Joy’s evasion is also comically low and needs a boost, same with her Core Max HP as it’s the lowest in game.


I’ve checked my Google Play for any additional of my app updates, and Disney Heroes isn’t one of them, so I’m pretty sure the game will update ITSELF.


The stores take time to show off the updates that aren’t forced like this one.

Check back later.


I think this would’ve been more important with the slow rate at which refreshes came out before. Now a lot of old heroes are actually being helped at a decent rate (though some are getting left behind, I hope they will be given the needed love when their franchise trials come back)

Now. There are some relatively new (as in came out last year) heroes that are pretty bad compared to other ones and could use these smaller changes at least as a start, since they’re much less likely to be refreshed for a while.
I’d especially like to see this for Horned King, such a cool hero that never even had the chance to be strong. On top of it, Gothel came out right after and she’s quite similar to him but better to an almost comical degree :stuck_out_tongue:


I am all hands for quick adjustments if the team feels the hero should fare a bit better than he/she does.
Heck, I´ll even throw my feet in.


I really hope this will happen, and this could include adding tenacity/evasion and armor/reality negation to these heroes.

Here’s the quick list of new-but-bad/meh heroes:

  • Little John
  • The Horned King
  • Voyd
  • Milo
  • Sisu (needs tenacity/evasion, preferably to herself and allies)
  • Lilo (needs evasion)

And going back, Basil too, he needs evasion and armor negation since day one, once he gets those he could easily move from D tier to high B/A tier.

Bad because of bugs:

  • Donald
  • Joy

Tenacity/Evasion addition could be possible for some Red Skills tbh. I know one hero has 4 Red Skill buffs already…

To be fair all heroes could use at least Tenacity/Evasion close to the red skill level equivalent of hero level… just so they don´t have to rely on external source all the time.


Honestly, I think it sets a dangerous precedent. In this case it’s obviously nice since it’s a buff, but what if it was original Zeus for example? Would I spend a week, and a lot of my resources, powering him up and then it’s decided he should be nerfed? One year later was already a bit off-putting, much quicker turnarounds could leave new hero releases feeling sketchy at best, and users weary of upgrading new heroes.

Regardless, I appreciate all the work the team is doing, and I’ve been having a blast with all the refreshes.



They are buffing heroes, you aren’t losing anyway.

… he is still good.


Things got a little confusing today, and I am very sorry about that! Here’s a recap of what happened:

14:15 CST-
We did a small server update to put in a bandaid fix for the Skill Point issue, so people can’t spend Diamonds on Skill Points using the slider.

The 4.7.01 Update
I didn’t mean to make the patch notes post public when I did, but people saw it so fast I didn’t have time to pull them, so I just rolled with it :sweat_smile:. They are edited and correct, now.

The update needs approval, and we’re thinking we can get this live by the end of the week.

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