Update 4.8-A Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.8-A

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.8-A Update! This release features new content for all servers!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

This update will feature a double content drop for Server 21+ !!!

Servers 1-13 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 360 to 365
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +26
  • Chapter 67: “Roll Playing” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Alice, Megara, Peter Pan, “Timon and Pumbaa”, Miss Piggy, Yzma, and Gizmoduck

Servers 21+ Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 305 to 315
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +16
  • Chapter 56: “It Is Coming” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Calhoun, Tia Dalma, Merida, Scar, Mickey Mouse, Gaston, and Hercules
  • Chapter 57: “In Fashion” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Goofy, Rapunzel, Colette, “Hank and Dory”, Dr Facilier, Syndrome, and Jumba

Content will roll over automatically on Apr 4, 2023 at 5AM CT


There’s a reason WHY this happens?


Double cap raises most likely end In a merge


@Samm I assume the double cap raise means that a merger is coming, but given that the lag on Server 1 seems to be increasing for each new merge I wonder if it is a smart idea to merge the server if a new merge means more lagging in server 1.

I of course don’t know if the merges are the actual reasons for the lagging in Server 1, but yeah kind of worried so could you Samm give some clarifications on this if possible?


It is 11 months away…
Long enough for the team to work on the incredible lag on S1…



What is the point of merging and then closing the game immediately after that?

Probably raiding as much money as possible before end, meaning the end is even closer…

Would be nice if PB prove otherwise, but their latest actions and lame new heroes (even worse in data) just shows they don’t care.


Haven’t got enough from nerfed Maui? :sob:


11 months of double increases
'+ 1 month of merge announcement
'+ 1.5 months of "trying to keep the game alive after S21 and S25 merged with S1
= 13/14 months left in the game

#time to find a new hobby!


Well gentleman I was a pleasure met you.

Put titanic musicians here


Now I realised how sad we haven’t got Ratigan in this game… but according to PB 10 Zootopia, Muppets, and Toy Story characters were very necessary. (And they keep giving more! Why?)

If game is ending… we could at least get some nice hero releases, some joy for the end.


Other big names were left behind too…

Cruela de Vil
Bernard and Bianca
Oliver & Dodger
Piglet And Other Winnie The Pooh Characters

And much more.

I will make this a wikia to leave people write :writing_hand: other names here.

Don’t forget Elizabeth Swan from the Pirates of the Caribbean


There aren’t any servers 2-13

There is a server 13
it is on the APAC server, so only the people with APAC play stores have access to it

I kind of wonder if it is Disney or PerBlue themselves technically in terms of making it so we got so many characters from previous franchises, if what you say Musketeer ends up being true.
(Please don’t hide/delete the comment Samm for me saying this, I mean nothing bad).

It is unfortunate that we haven’t gotten more new franchises added to the game lately, especially more characters from franchises with only a few characters in it.

New franchises would be the best of course, like Brother Bear actually has its 20th anniversary on 1 November this year 2023, so adding Brother Bear character(s) would be fitting :-).

But yeah, we will see on how it goes I suppose.
Will be interesting to see if anything change with the Badge Economy refresh/fix that should be coming.




let’s not get our hopes up though…
I honestly don’t think anything new will happen
It will be the same cap level increase every 4 weeks
Same new hero, refreshes, patches released
and then it will all end


It looks like Flash will be next after Chef Skinner for the prize wall

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Flash is not a prize wall hero


I will judge it by how the anniversary month May goes, as we might get a lot of things then, but yeah hard to say for sure if that will be the case or not if the Badge Economy Refresh/Fix comes.

So yeah, if nothing special from now to the time of June is over I will definitely be more worried yeah.


Yep he’s coming too early to be the next prize wall hero
Not to mention they already said he’ll be released in a “special” way as he’s the 200th hero


@Samm No NO NO NO…
This is ridiculous. You destroyed some of those middle servers with constant double cap raises. Now the new servers are doomed???

And you threw this on us with NO warning with NO bonuses and a LACK of badge booster crates for the past two months. Only whales can keep up now.

I played this game for almost three years. Now, it’s time to slowly fade away into the sunset. S21 will die in a few months.

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