Update 5.6 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.6

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.6 Update! This release features Eda Clawthorne, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Eda Clawthorne from Disney’s The Owl House

Surprise! The next hero reveals herself, it’s Eda Clawthorne from Disney’s The Owl House!

Her kit is still in the works, but look forward to seeing her in the Prize Wall starting November 16th. We’ll keep you posted on her skill set by next week’s Patch Notes, so keep an eye out!

Improvements & Bug Fixes


New Mulan Collection!

  • Heroes in this collection gain Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 10 seconds each time they cast their Skills. The buff effects of this Collection are active once at a time per Hero and do not stack with each Hero’s Skill usage.

Stamina Regeneration

  • Stamina soft and hard caps adjusted to better align with current costs. These will continue to scale with every cap raise.
    • Server 1 & 13: soft cap increased to 685,778
    • Server 21 & 25: soft cap increased to 327,882
  • Regeneration intervals will no longer be stamina per second, but will regenerate every 6 minutes at a scaling rate according to the server rarity cap
    • For example, Server 1 will receive 5,715 stamina every 6 minutes
  • Stamina Recharge Consumables will speed up the regen intervals
    • For example, a 4x recharge consumable used in Server 1 will earn 5,715 stamina every 1.5 minute

Other Stamina adjustments

  • Awarded stamina per milestone in weekly quests will increase and will scale with cap raise.
    • Server 1 & 13: 257,167
    • Server 21 & 25: 122,956
  • Awarded stamina per daily check-in will increase and will scale with cap raise.
    • Server 1 & 13: 57,148
    • Server 21 & 25: 27,323
  • Stamina Buy amounts will increase and will scale with cap raise.

Patch Talent 4: Fruitful Revenge re-assignments

  • Fairy Godmother
    • Invincible Rejuvenation
  • Winnie The Pooh
    • Enabling Shield

Emerald Improvements

  • Changes to Emerald Base Stats
    • Heroes will now gain Emerald Base Stats for each Level Scaling Stat they have below 390 (only taking into account stats they’ve gained from Badges) when they Promote to Emerald
    • These stats will be granted to Heroes who have already promoted to Emerald retroactively and they will remain on Heroes regardless of their Stat Selection choices
    • This means that Emerald Heroes will have at least 390 of any given Level Scaling Stat
    • For many Heroes this will increase the value of other features in the game that offer flat amounts of these stats, things like MODs and Battle Badges and other Hero Skills
  • Changes to Emerald Stat Tiers
    • Emerald Stat Tiers now control how many Stat Slots Heroes have available to them rather than how much of any particular stat they gain
    • For this update you’ll see every Hero be set to Tier 3
    • This allows for 2 Stat Slots to be available so no one will be losing any stat slots or Level Scaling Stat effectiveness
    • This change will give us the flexibility to give out more Level Scaling stats to Heroes that need them in the future without sacrificing effectiveness rates for other Heroes
  • Changes to Level Scaling Stat Maintenance (Emerald Rank Bonus)
    • Level Scaling stats post Emerald Rank will now be maintained via Badges rather than purely by a Hero’s Rank
    • Each Rank, starting with Emerald +1, will now come with a single Badge that grants 5 of every Level Scaling Stat
    • Heroes that have these Badges already equipped (or are past Emerald +1) will gain these stats retroactively

Bug Fixes

Please note that we’re continuing to implement fixes for hero skills, and app performance. If you know of any in-game bugs, please submit a support ticket.

  • Resolved an issue in the Crates screen where scrolling will snap back to the beginning
  • Fixed delays in certain screens where UI will not refresh properly

Miscellaneous Announcements

  • We will be putting email communications on hold for the time being. Promo codes may still appear and will be announced via the Events Calendar in game.
  • You may have already noticed that we are renaming Elastigirl to Mrs. Incredible in game; this is due to Disney approvals. We were asked to rename this hero.
  • Get your crew ready for a special Friendsgiving trial event in a few weeks! Using Mickey & Friends, Toy Story, or Wreck It Ralph heroes, battle your way to earn a special cosmetic border and other exciting prizes!

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, November 7th, 2023.


We got Eda guys


All right! We got a character, Eda from the Owl House (Although I never seen the show). Plus I heard the fact is that she’s voiced by the same actress also voiced Chicha in The Emperor’s New Groove. Also, what are her friendship characters are going to be for this character?


Okay, before we say anything, I want everybody to stay on topic. This is about Eda and no one else; got it?

So, I don’t want see “I want this character” or “put that character in the game” or " when are these characters coming." Patch notes are not wish lists. We had a big problem with that in the last few patches

So, patch notes are no wishing zones.


Bruh. What was the point of the last preview if this is also basically just a preview? That’s next level lazy.


We are held back by Disney approvals! I’m so sorry for the wait :cry:


Just as I got all the collections completed, a new one comes in


The owl lady is coming!

Thank you!! This is what we wanted the whole time! Please focus on adding only DisneyTVA characters going forward for the game to stay super hype and alive, we have more than enough standard Disney/Pixar ones. Here’s hoping for more Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Amphibia, The Owl House, The Ghost and Molly McGee, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, etc.

KEEP ADDING MORE DISNEYTVA, and keep at it!! Thank you so much, PerBlue!


This update is a massive W


That’s a bit disappointing, but it will be friday or can be expected sooner?

But at least we’re finally getting The Owl House! Thanks.


Will they give more too? 10k will look very bad now.


YAY EBA!!! HOW EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Hope they add King, Luz, Amity, and others from The Owl House!!! Amphibia and Elemental as well! :blush:


EDA’S HERE!! She looks incredible!!


I could potentially see friendships with one of the Sanderson sisters, or Magica. And maybe it’s just me, but I would honestly love to see a friendship with Helga Sinclair ngl lol. I think they would have some funny banter with each other lol.



Amphibia was on the list of potential franchises so anything’s possible!! But yes, I would LOVE to see all of those characters!!


Yoo! It’s the owl ladyyy!!! God I really hope luz and some of the others will get added, you know. We can’t have just 1 character from the owl house! Heheh… oh dang.


Oh! @TheGrillFather is it allowed to reveal at least Eda’s friends?


(Statler and Waldorf have an owl in their booth)

Owl: Hooo!

Statler: No, “boo”!

Owl: Booo!

Waldorf: Hooray!

Owl: Hooray!


Yes it increases per buy, is what we meant!


Well uhh, how do I say this, I think marvel characters aren’t really gonna get added so


Nice lol :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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