Waterproof surfer (CRO series)

Soda cookie


1 star, frontline tank

“The heat never bothered me anyway!”

the greatest surfer in the cookieworld surfs into the battlefield while staying refreshed with soda potions


Entrance: soda cookie surfs into his position then he places his surfboard between his arms

Victory: soda cookie rubs his forehead with his arm and smiles

Defeat: soda cookie falls on his surfboard with dizziness in his eyes

Basic attack: soda cookie hits the closest enemy with his surfboard, dealing X damage.


White: soda surfed

Soda cookie summons a large soda wave and surfs on it through each enemy, dealing X damage to each enemy he passes through and slowing all enemies by 55% for 10 seconds.

Green: refreshing soda

Soda cookie drinks a soda potion, healing himself by X amount and giving himself two stacks of hardy, each stack of hardy on soda cookie also gives him X% energy.

Blue: taste of lemon

Lemon slice (soda cookies pet) throws a lemon soda potion at the enemy team, dealing X damage to each enemy hit by the lemon soda potion and also blinding each enemy for 5 seconds.

If an enemy is already blinded, they instead take X continuous damage for 5 seconds instead.

Purple: waterproof

Each stack of hardy on soda cookie now increases his armor by 30%, each stack of hardy removed from soda cookie now gives him X% energy.

Red: hit the surf

“Soda surfed” instantly activates when he activates “refreshing soda” while below 30% of his max HP with the same effects.

“Taste of lemon” now drains energy from each enemy blinded by the lemon potion.
+X damage to “taste of lemon”
+X skill power
+X max HP


Soda cookie/Jim Hawkins
Solar surfin’
double energy gain

soda cookie tries to convince jim hawkins to let him surf on his solar surfer.

All energy gained by soda cookie are now doubled by X%.

Soda cookie/Sea fairy cookie
Ice cold
unavoidable freezes when threatened

soda cookie tries to find sea fairy cookie in the city after being impressed with her rad powers

All freezes done by allies now lasts 4 seconds longer. when an ally goes under 20% of their health, the freezes they deal out are now unavoidable.


Reminds me of

Elsa is that you?


Literally one second lol

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Inserts Kimtastic’s Elsa fire gif
Edit: found it.

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