Weirdmaggedon's leader

Bill cipher

3 star, frontline control

“Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!”

a dream demon with a bunch of demonic powers, Bill cipher uses those powers to keep the nightmare going


Entrance: a triangle with flames around it appears before it then turns into bill as he then gets into position

Victory: bill tap-dances with his cane

Defeat: Bill freaks out as he then begins to glitch out.

Basic attack: bill whacks an enemy with his cane, dealing x damage


White: its a deal

Bill will possess the enemy chosen by the player until his energy runs out which increases that enemy’s attack power until the energy runs out.

Bill will also become a stone statue until his energy runs out which gives him a shield for x amount and cannot be passed by enemies until his energy runs out.

Green: gentleman’s fist

Bill enlarges his fist and raises it over the enemies before he then straightens his bowtie and slams his enlarged fist down onto the enemies, dealing x damage and prevents enemies from healing from all sources for 6 seconds.

Blue: golden opportunity

Bill transforms the most wanted enemy into a golden statue for 7 seconds which freezes the enemy in place until the effect wears off.

Purple: things change

When in statue form, bill heals continuously for x amount until his energy runs out.

Red: it’s gonna get weird

“It’s a deal” now takes x energy from the enemy that was possessed by Bill when his energy runs out.

All crits now do 40% more damage whenever Bill or one of his allies gain a shield.

  • X armor
  • X skill power
  • X max health


Bill cipher/oogie boogie
Dreadful dealings
More powerful smash

  • X damage to “gentleman’s smash”

“Gentleman’s smash” deals x more damage and now decreases skill power from debuffed enemies.

Bill cipher/the evil queen
Golden apple
immune to debuffs

  • X skill power

Bill is now immune to all debuffs and disables while in statue form when he activates “its a deal”


Wow, way better than my bill concept. 10/10

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10/10, great job!

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3 star heroes are no longer coming to the game, sadly

He isn’t Grunkle Stan

Yeah, no


If you are going to copy a skill from another concept, at least modify it and don’t copy the name if you have a choice

No… “three letters back” is a horrible skill name…

I will say this is kind of unique…

Gain, or have?

What is “attack power”? Do you mean skill power or attack speed?

And how will memories be used?

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. If you liked the concept, okay. I am fine with that. Just don’t come up to me with the “You are mean!” complaints.

On a side note: you missed the opportunity for Bill to be friends with another character that has a similar personality to him: Hades

He actually does this in the weirdmagedon intro

Yeah, I remember that.

I know. But he copied Grunkle Stan. Therefore, my comment is still valid

That does make sense though.

Ah, okay.
(10 c)

Hey there!!! Thanks you for your feedback!!!

Everything piece of feedback can help me to be better at making concepts in the future!!

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