What’s up guys, it’s Taylor from Coaster Studios here! (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)

TAYLOR BYBEE (Coaster Studios)


”Did that just happen?”


Team: Blue
Position: Front
Role: Support

Description: Taylor Bybee comes to the battlefield with his extensive coaster knowledge and his great YouTube content to help allies.


Entrance: Taylor walks in slowly, getting his computer ready.

Victory: Taylor shouts, as if he were on a roller coaster.

Defeat: Taylor drops his computer on accident, and it breaks.

Basic Attack: Taylor smacks nearby enemies with his computer, dealing X damage.


White Skill: Hands Up!
Taylor summons a launch coaster, and the car does X damage to all enemies.

Green Skill: Coaster Content

Taylor uploads a video, inspiring all allies to deal 2 times the damage they already do.

Blue Skill: Live!

Taylor starts a live stream, in which all the fans cheer him on. This gives him twice his current health, and a shield that lasts for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: Shuttle Coaster
In Taylor’s white skill, Hand’s Up, now the coaster comes back, going backwards, dealing the exact same damage the first launch dealt.

Red Skill: Let’s Talk Coasters

Now, Taylor’s blue skill, “Live!” heals Taylor twice the amount and now gives shields to all allies.


Taylor/Tron- Lightcycle Run

Whenever Tron and Taylor are on the same team, his white skill, “Hands Up!” has a chance of being themed to Tron Lightcycle Run.

Taylor/Meilin- Canada Coaster Crazy

Now, Taylor’s green skill now encourages allies to do 3 times their damage.


Thank you so much for checking this concept out, and you should REALLY consider checking out Coaster Studios’ channel.

Here is the link—> Coaster Studios - YouTube

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For those of you who are unfamiliar, a block zone is a section of ride that only one train may occupy. At the end of a block zone is a method to stop the train in case the block zone ahead is still occupied. This is the safety system that prevents roller coaster trains from colliding with one anothe


Lol, ElToroRyan in a nutshell

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You should to a TPP concept where every move is about the dragster project

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Lol that sounds good, I’m thinking of doing it now

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