What's going on with Pleakley?

I’m trying to clear the latest chapter (34) but have hit a massive brick wall on chapter 5.

On the final wave I am facing a Pleakley who is insta-killing at least 3 of my team at the start of the wave. And when I say insta-kill I mean there isn’t even time for any animations, they are dying the moment they have finished walking into screen.

I cannot see how Pleakley is able to do this, none of his skills suggest it’s possible. All of my characters are super high level so should easily be able to clear it. Can anyone help me out with what I’m missing? Or is this a bug?


Is Barbossa on the team?


You are facing something like this?

Is a force bottleneck for a must pay to win advance.
I received some info that Mad Hatter at max rank currently and Red skill Maxed is the only way to actually survive this.

@Polaris can you review this level. it’s insane!


Donald can help but he’s not too consistent, will still need luck

That is the lineup. It’s happening stupidly fast. To give an idea of how fast I mean, if Baymax is in my lineup then 3 (if not 4) of my team will be killed before Baymax has even appeared on the screen as he flies in.

I’m using lineups that have well in excess of 3 million power, I don’t mind having to work for a victory but in its current state there is literally nothing I can do.


What about Timon and Pumba? Could they work?

With Shank my heroes survived like 5 seconds. But Hades alone requires more than that…

Probably not.

It feels like whoever I use the result will be the same. I’m not getting a chance to do a single thing so it makes no difference who I’m using.

I really don’t understand how it’s happening, Pleakley literally isn’t doing anything. He has no animation at all and my team just die.

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Red skill has Pleakley apply 3 mosquitoes on study.

Pleakley Red Skill maxed (apply Mosquitoes to studied enemies) + Barbossa Disk (Studied enemies at the start of the battle + Hades disk (More damage over time) = This nightmare.


Is he genuinely able to do all that and damage me enough to kill virtually an entire squad (including an 840k) in less than a tenth of a second?

Yes. He can and we are living that.

Like I say, I don’t mind a challenge but that is broken beyond belief. There is literally no way I can defend against it.

@Polaris please make this a priority before it destroys the entire game. It’s not going to take long before the arena, coliseum, city watch, war and surge are all brimming over with this problem.

Yep. They will start copycat this formation in a jiffly.

I’m afraid many already know about the combo. Pleakley needs a drastic nerf.


For me it’s surprising that not much people talk about this level in particular. But guess that no many cares about.

It’s only been a couple of hours :man_shrugging:

I haven’t tried it yet, but I am thinking of using Angel and Meg (Sh) on the level.

Please come later and tell us what happened.

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Try to run Mulan-Li Shang-Pumbaa-Magicka-Kristoff

I have seen a variety of powers on these toons, and it seems to be a pretty winning combo (really for the whole chapter)

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