What's this?! (Spoiler thread)


I think we need a hint from @Polaris


So we should look for clues again in the original post of the first clue?

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There haven’t been eight posts there, and it isn’t patch notes.

I’m sure the answer can be or either you are at the end or you aren’t either close to the last clue.

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This is all that is mentioned, the update isn’t just one character, it’s supposed to be massive.


I think it is referring to the friendship update :thinking:

We’re already got this with Friendship System Refresh and Tia Refresh but I also think we will geet more than onecharacter

Maybe the clues relate to more than just a character? The clues could mean a bunch of things. Which heroes do not have red skills yet?

Merlin! Jafar! Peter Pan! The Beast! These are definitely magic!

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Code references both friendships, and magic.

Tia is magical, what friendships is she in?

Jack Sparrow and Yax. Barbossa, Ursula and Sally have her as a Friendship, I don’t know others…

This could be a game PB is using to talk about the TIA REFRESH🤔

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Sally, Barbossa, Jack, and tax I think (but I think there are more)

You may be onto something

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Yeah because the magical being and Tia is getting her refresh soon

Going with the “very magical beings” friendship path, I have found the following characters mentioned so far…
Kronk - Yzma and Ursula
Aurora - Dr Facilier and Maleficent
Zero (x2) - Maleficent and Jack Skellington
Zeus - Ursula and Hades

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No, Jack Sparrow doesn’t have one with her…

Just gonna bring this back up

Which hero has a skill that could be a post on this section of the forum?

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