What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

I assumed comment the correct answers to be reviewed by Polaris. That’s all I got.

So we have all the clues so we just have to think think think


Maybe we need fo go back to how it all started in game? With Ralph and Vanellope?

I don’t think the devs would add something little just for a hunt that is meant to last for 3 days :thinking:

And also, we just need to connect all the clues

I have a question, how did anyone discover Polaris’ ‘What’s this?’ post? It said the topic is unlisted and can only be accessed via a direct link. I looked for it in Forum Events but it’s nowhere to be found.

here polaris gave the link…
Hope your question was crrectly answered :grin::upside_down_face:

Well, that pretty much confirms the clues we have collected are all connected to the next update.

That’s a very good summary, and it reminds me of one clue that I’m not sure we completely solved:

I’m just wondering how we get from “also shows up in the friendship between two very magical beings in the game” to the patch notes introducing Merlin. I feel like there’s something missing, although I don’t know whether that something will help us with the final clue.

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Merlin and The Genie are the two magical beings so that’s why the next clue was in the post when it talks about their friendships, nothing more to see in my opinion

I suppose, but that still strikes me as an odd way to phrase the clue if that’s all it meant.

I tried to take each first letters like I suggested (but only the first ones), I came with BODGE and F, Felix ?

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Badge maybe?

Felix, or maybe a new villain: I’m checking a list of villains and these are who start with f, which are faciler (check his patch maybe) and frollo, maybe check faciler’s patch, don’t know what frollo has to do with this but maybe he’s coming 🤷

Checked faciler’s patch, nothing.

(10 c)

And for the last phrase I tried to go to the first update nothing. But I rechecked and the first clue was in the “Creative Corner” section, so I went to the first ever Creative post because that’s what I understood by “go to the end” -> scroll to the end. And I found a post about Edna. Not sure if it’s the right answer but if Edna is coming, it’s cool.

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I highly doubt it but that would be cool

Would you mind sharing where you found the encrypted message?

Not that I would be surprised at Pan getting a red skill, since everyone is supposed to have one by the end of the year.


I have a question how do we know what posts have been edited by @Polaris? It may sound off topic but I’m just asking how did we find the cipher messages

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It has a little orange pencil at the side of the Date, That’s how we know a publication has been recently edited.

Yeah ik that, but did you go through messages or something like that

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