White choco warrior (cookie run series #2)

White choco cookie


2 star, frontline damage

“Every second counts! Shall we begin training?”

striking foes with elegant and precise strikes, white choco cookie fencing skills shines above everybody elses…which she is proud to show on the battlefield


Entrance: white choco cookie rushes into the battlefield with her fencing sword

Victory: white choco cookie swishes her hair while she sticks her sword into the ground

Defeat: WC cookie takes a knee while she sticks her sword into the ground

Basic attack: WC cookie stabs the nearest enemy with her fencing sword, dealing x damage


White: Choco dash

Passive: at the start of each wave, WC cookie starts with a single “dash point”, dash points increases the amount of damage that WC cookie deals with “Choco dash”.

WC cookie gains dash points for every 5 seconds that she is in the battlefield, she can only have 5 dash points per wave and the dash points resets at the start of the next wave.

Active: WC cookie consumes all her “dash points” and then dashes at the enemy team and then slices the three frontmost enemies with a giant slice from her fencing sword, deals x damage per amount of dash points she has gained when she activates the skill.

Green: gourmet counter

WC cookie dodges a close ranged attack every 3.5 seconds and then counters by slashing at the attack, dealing x damage to that enemy, knocking the enemy back and increasing her movement speed by 85% for 10 seconds.

Blue: pocket referee

At the start of each wave, Pocket watch referee, WC cookies pet, fights alongside WC cookie in battle, he has X HP but cannot attack enemies. He instead increases the attack speed of WC cookie and the two allies closest to her by 100% for every 10 seconds.

This is what pocket watch referee looks like


Purple: Perfect timing

“Gourmet counter” now pierces shields which deals x more damage towards shielded enemies while also slowing the enemy down for 50% when they are shielded as well.

Red: delicate and precise

“Choco rush” now heals all allies for x amount of their max HP. if an ally is already at full health, they instead get cleansed of all debuffs they have been inflicted with in battle.

WC cookie now crits against slowed enemies when pocket watch referee is with her in battle.
+X damage to “Gourmet counter”
+X skill power
+X armor


White choco cookie/Peter pan
Take to the air
faster counters

“Gourmet counter” is now 55% more faster when WC cookie is buffed by any source.

White choco cookie/Raspberry mousse cookie
Parry challenging
more damage per dash points

WC cookies basic attack and “Gourmet counter” deals X more damage for every dash point that she gains throughout the battle

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Is someone missing?

What are you talking about??

The second friendship

Oh dang it!!

Hold on

There we go…sorry about that I was originally gonna make the second friendship with raspberry mousse cookie (using tragic’s concept with his permission) but I forgot to fill in the space

Thanks for noticing the mistake

No problem

Yes, you are allowed to do that. :wink:

Good concept by the way!

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