Who is Coming to DHBM next?

We have a few leads about who could be coming next. Let’s take a look!

During Multiple Dev Q&As it has been stated that PB has no plans for Fox, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilms or Kingdom Hearts.
During A recent Dev Q&A it was confirmed that the Borroughs estate cutting ties with Disney means Tarzan can’t happen.

During a Dev Q&A in 2020 it was said no Pixar Cars Characters were coming in 2020 or 2021. This could mean that we’ll get Cars later this year (2022), especially because of the Disney+ Series coming this fall.
During a Dev Q&A in December 2020 it was asked if there would be tie ins for upcoming movies in 2021, the answer given was “A lot of them”. Due to the Rya tie in happening months later, and it being the only 2021 movie tie in, one might could expect more 2021 movie characters to be added during 2022.
PB released a new Classic Mickey Mouse character for the 1st and 2nd anniversary. For the 3rd Anniversary a New Muppets character was released. Perhaps the 4th Anniversary will also feature a Muppet?
It was once stated that PB had not secured permission for Gravity Falls from Alex Hirsch, a few months later In November 2019 Grunkle Stan was mentioned in a mission. We might get Gravity Falls characters eventually.
It happens fairly frequently that a character who is usually thought of as part of a pair or group is released by themselves, and then much later their companion releases. So it is possible that Characters like: Hector, Milo, Mowgli, Namari.

(Many characters previously listed here were added!)

Lately characters are never isolated. If we get 1 character from something we generally get at least 1 more. This is not however a rule, as a recent example of an isolated character is Bolt.

Remember the Speculation section is not the Confirmed section. Thus anything said in the Speculation section is pure speculation and is not Confirmed due to not being in the Confirmed section.


Lemme add on:

Characters from Cinderella and Atlantis. Especially Vinny :upside_down_face:


Lemme add on.

Up, Cars, and Bug’s Life heroes.

I thinks it’s more characters from Kim Possible

No, those aren’t speculated at all :neutral_face:

Hope those hero’s get on the blue team

OH! Thanks for reminding me! Forgot that. Gotta add it!

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Who said cars not coming on 2021?

Devs :confused:


Possibly Cars characters will be too big to fit in the lineup. Sorry.

And the whole ‘‘Guild Wars’’ as well, it won’t work so well.

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I could possibly see this in confirmed because if he was not coming then lead probably would have stated he wasn’t coming but that’s just me

Is she. I didn’t know that.

They also said during a q and a live action heroes are coming maybe add them to the list

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Yeah she is a Princess and did you see the trailer?

I did watch all the trailers. I must have missed that part.

And I knew the dragon was going to be a girl. Infact they would be good characters to enter the game

We all knew that the dragon was going to be a female character because of the cast. Raya may or may not be a princess, as that is not really confirmed. Media is just calling her a princess at the moment. We have to watch and see if she will be. To me, after seeing the newest trailer, she seems more like a warrior than a princess.

I do agree that she should come into the game along with others from the film.


Look I feel you, Cars is probably my favorite franchise.
But don’t get stuck on this.
They specified “Not in 2020 or 2021” BEFORE they said work had begun on the 2022 plans. It’s still possible.

I also agree. :ok_hand::speak_no_evil:

Just like how Onward came last year and
2 entered the game later last year

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