Who were the three best heroes and three worst heroes of 2020

Maybe you’re right

He croaked :sweat:

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Actually I wonder how many times players need to say that Basil and Kim needs a refresh, this one topic alone has mentioned it many times.

It worked last time with Gizmo, so I hope same thing will happen to Basil and Kim which are terrible from the beginning.

Don’t forget some of her moveset is also bad.

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Well, her Active skill has a chance to do absolutely NOTHING against evasion, and duration of slow is short.
She won’t stun and she won’t apply DoT.

Green skill should do at least double of the damage and stun or deal AoE damage.

Blue skill is really fine.

Purple skill is just white skill, so the same problems as said above.

Red skill… one of the worst skills in whole game, even worse than Basil’s.

DW disk is terrible.

No negation.

Evasion is really poor, barely works, and R17 doesn’t increase it, and R18 I guess as well… so at the end she will be another Basil with much lower damage potential.

Emmm… @Polaris

How to fix Kim 101:

General: BOOST STATS. She needs this, desperately.

White: Extend slow to 9 seconds, boost healing by a small amount (not a lot), and make DoT separate from stun so that it still works if stun fails. DoT should also affect enemies in an area.

Green: Boost damage, make it scale of BD (cause she gains it from purple), and make it damage enemies that the knocked back enemy lands on.

Blue: Nothing other than boost damage

Purple: Heal should cleanse debuffs. Already stated that DoT should still happen if stun doesn’t work. Kim should also study all enemies.


Power Study
Kim also studies the “Monitored” enemy for the entire wave. Every 3 buffs the “Monitored” enemy receives, they are dealt X damage, lose that buff, and are stunned for 8 seconds.

Every 3 times an enemy is studied, Kim gains 25 armor negation, up to 100. Kim carries this buff when carried from wave to wave.

Gaining Armor Negation has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
+X Crit Damage


DW Disk: Kim will block 1 scare (+1 per star level) every 10 seconds. Make it stun enemies that attempt to scare Kim and allies for 2 seconds (+2 per star level) Make this unavoidable at any costs. When an ally blocks a debuff, they gain BD as well.

You mean ‘‘by’’?

The purple skill could study all enemies instead of only one.

I think it would be wonderful to replace this semi-good boost (which is now) for crit damage stat (same as Silver).

How long is it now?

6 seconds.

Considering it’s a super strong slow maybe buff it to 9 seconds?

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Yeah, that’s enough.

Now you can apply to work in PB and to make the Kim refresh dream to come true. :smile:


If I’m not reviving this by accident. I want to say my favorite/least favorite heroes of 2020. This will mainly be on how happy I was for their arrival. I know I’m late on this, but here I go.


Tigger, Winnie the Pooh was a huge part of my childhood, so seeing Tigger come with Pooh, and Eeyore made me happy. Plus, with his red, he can dodge and counter with his blue quite frequently. Can even target invisible enemies with his active.

Magica De Spell, She’s my favorite Ducktales villain, as well as one of my favorite Disney villains. As of right now for me, she’s the only Beast counter with her active and green. Not to mention her Megavolt disc is great.

Disgust, Her green is really good, mainly cause I like the silence. Stacking up those stacks of distaste and using them on the final wave is also really fun too. I also love her dialogues, trying to make progress on her friendship campaign with Flynn to see her try to roast him.

Mulan, She’s a good sniper for any annoying backliners, as long as they don’t have reflect. Her active is also good with its blinds. I was also happy to see her come overall.

Bunsen and beaker, I love these two, they’re so hilarious. It was also a surprise to see them come. Their active is really unique too. if you are also trying to use Disgust or Jack Sparrow’s blue more often or just trying to get Sadness more stacks of sorrow, Bunsen and Beaker are you’re duo with their green and red.

Honorable mentions
Basil, I know he’s not good in skill wise. But I was still happy for him coming, never the less. I also find he works well with heroes that rely on study, like Mulan.

Slinky Dog, I heard his sheilds are really good. I also like Slinky in general.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel, I love these henchmen a lot. Active is really good. Their animations are also really good. Their defeat is also funny.

Least Favorites

Powerline, Not to sound rude. But seriously? Why him? I can understand why some characters like Megara and Colette, but at least they had a major part in their movies and I personally can recognize them. Powerline, I just wasn’t happy for his arrival. His skill set is decent, but I just don’t like him in general.

Cheshire Cat, It should be obvious. His skill set is broken. The damage from his white and green should be toned down. His purple should also have level restrictions on the extra stun. Because of this, he’s become one of the most notorious enemies out there.

Angel, She does very little damage. While her silence from active is nice, her other skills are wasted on reviving. Plus her discs, especially her Miguel disc are useless. I do appreciate her arrival, but they could do better for her.

Kronk, His active is pretty much luck based. His blue can get really annoying when he does it repetitvally.

Pleakley, Much like with Cheshire Cat, he’s become another notorious enemy for me. The least they could do is make it so Pleakley consumes all stacks of mosquito with his active.

Dishonorable mentions

Kim Possible, I was happy when she finally came, but her skills, even her active are not as good. She could use a refresh along with Basil.

Fear, His skills don’t seem to fit him and his animations are a little floppy. Plus, I don’t like the permanent scare on him.

Flynn Rider, Nothing personal. Never really liked him that much, and his skills and damage are questionable to me.


In terms of favourites…

  1. Davy Jones
  2. Lock, Shock and Barrel
  3. Rapunzel

In terms of least favourites…

  1. Slinky Dog
  2. Kristoff and Sven
  3. Kim Possible

How can you rate angel as one of the worst?? :joy: What are you talking about?

3 best i would say:

3 worst;
Shan Yu
Dr Facilier

Here are some of my ranking opinions of 2020 heroes

Tank: Maximus, Slinky,

Damage: Mulan, Dr. Bunsen & Beaker, Evil Queen, Pleakley, Shan Yu

Support: Kristoff & Sven, Li Shang, Winnie The Pooh

Control: Ian Lightfoot, Disgust, Minnie Mouse, Cheshire Cat, Lock Shock & Barrel

Tank: Eeyore, Goliath,

Damage: Captain Amelia, Kida, Manticore

Support: Kronk, Jim Hawkins, Tron

Control: Flynn Rider, Basil, Angel,

Heroes that are quite alright: Rapunzel, Mágica, Davy Jones, Mushu, Gerald Marlin & Nemo, Baloo, King Louie, Fear

Winnie the Pooh is a Tank, not Support.


You know nothing about Dr.Facilier :joy:
Agree on Kida though :sweat_smile:

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Top 5 Favorite:

  1. Bunsen
  2. Maximus
  3. Ian
  4. Jim
  5. Kim (though disappointed with the hero itself)

5 Least Favorite:

  1. Powerline
  2. Evil Queen
  3. Syndrome
  4. Disgust
  5. Tron

Honorable mention: Dr. Facilier
Dishonorable mentions: LSB, Fear and Basil

That’s weird, it shows the wrong numbers.

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