Yellow Invasion

Now that Per Blue nerfed Madam Mim calling it a “refresh” and making her useless in the game, what is everybody using for yellow invasion?


They made her better for PvP

She had 1 use in the game, just as gizmo, and that was invasion. They just made her useless. There are so many more heros that are better for PVP than she is even being “refreshed”


Yes ,she has been put into a useless state …this has the whole of server 16 in an uproar.

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I used Oogie boogie jack Tia Darkwing Duck and Launchpad

She now hexes enemies at the start of the fight if they have more than 250 energy. You don’t think that’ll be useful as a Tron counter?

They nerf instead of fixing the real issue with invasion. So many use emulators and click apps making it who can run their apps the the longest VS actual work and lines. Next nerf will be pleak since he’s used in invasion also. It has happened with Bo, genie, stitch, and several more. They don’t want the high scores but can’t stop the click apps so they nerf instead.

Wait, what? What??

They nerfed those invasion superstars.

First of all, when was Genie ever an invasion “superstar”? Second, what changes did they make to “nerf” them in invasion?

Lol he used to be. Then they “updated” him and he stopped working. I’ll try and see if I can find the exact line. But if you look he has been updated.

Does not work on Tron. Tested. Tron (Fl) procs before Hex is applied lol.

Stitch was never nerfed…

That sounds like a bug, then. Otherwise, what even is the point of that hex if heroes can fire off their skills before being hexed?

It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t have her store last used ability and attack per that instead of character in battle. Against the mamabot, she turns into a gragon, using against control, and does almost no damage to the tank mamabot. Any first hit heros will still get Tha first ability off. As I stated earlier she is now useless in the game


i use maximus, basil , mulan, li shang, and davy jones if u dont use him then mushu

TBH the yellow team sucks

Thanks PerBlue for making another decision that is not in the players best interest. I loved Invasion. Yellow started to be a good one and now it absolutely sucks again. Which player ever said “hey let’s take this otherwise useless toon, buff her slightly for pvp, but make her utterly useless in Invasion.” what’s in it for you? I can only guess…


Polaris’s comment from another thread about Mim:

I don’t understand how they could have made the change they made without realizing its effect in invasion, or why it’ll take until next yellow invasion to address the change, but they are working on it.

From what I’ve heard, I think the mama bot was switched from tank to control/support, which may explain why shes not a crocodile when she gets her white skill which sadly renders her obsolete in invasion.

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