Yellow Rank and Codebase Feedback!

Thank you Andy!

I believe once you promote one hero to yellow, you’ll be able to see everyone’s Battle Badge; at least, that’s what I remember happening to my account. As for the Megabits, they should be in your inventory, but not under any filter; you have to leave the filter to All, then scroll all the way down to find them between your emojis and your red skill chips.

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I would like you to launch an Offer to promote many New Heroes to the Yellow rank

No but his roles and work means he can answer if he so choose which he did.

But yes I feel like this update shows they don’t care about the game or its players they want us to quit and leave.

Honestly I’m pretty happy with the update and how the Battle Badges function and the Codebase is actually pretty fun. My main complaint is with the enhancement of Battle Badges as it gets WILDLY expensive just to enhance badges once you get a few heroes done.

Like for example it’s 150 MILLION hero XP just to enhance your 5th hero badge? And it continuously increases with each different hero you enhance… by A LOT. If you ask me it should be one price for each enhancement of the individual hero not based on how many heroes that you’ve enhanced total. Why should it cost 150m hero xp for the exact same power increase as the free enhancement that was given on update day? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

(i’m not saying the first enhancement should be free on all heroes if that’s the impression you got, I understand the first one was just to promote the feature)

But really though other than that, I really like the update overall. My only other minor complaint is I feel like the boosts from Battle Badges are kind of useless on several heroes, but that has already been mentioned a few times in this thread so whatever. Great job all in all


What’s even worse is that thanks to battle badges PerBlue significantly reduced the drop rate of XP bottles.

My evidence comes from Stan2Be in this thread:

Bravo, PerBlue :clap:


You don´t know how companies work then. Gotta stick to the code. Be unitary. You cannot just let your mouth spit words like nothing.

The battle badge is a game changer.
The people who bought the deal started with around 21 badges and are ahead of the curve.
The people who understand how to do trials have maybe 5 and add like 10 every 10 days.
Then the people who don’t know how how the teams to use on codebase have maybe 2 or 3 and add 5 in 10 days.

Yes the price is high, but that is on purpose. If everyone could enhance every badge easily right away it would widen the power gap and likely push people to quitting. I would assume the people in the top 20 power would have 15 to 20 enhanced, 20 to 50 in power will have 5 to 10, the rest would have 1 to 5.

No… most of the bonuses are random, bad, and in some cases even worthless, for others it’s just some nice boost, nothing else. Definitely not worth all of the XP.


Gap between FTP, small/medium spends and big spenders is getting bigger.
And people are quitting because PB once again ask for unreasonable amount of resources which 99% of players don’t own.

And megabits from trial give pea-size amounts compared to deal on Tuesday, very FTP friendly :slight_smile:

Yes, all thanks to the $50 deal… :mag:


I’m really not complaining about the fact it’s expensive, it’s the fact that it ramps up to absurdly expensive levels very quickly based on the number of heroes you enhance.

I’m totally fine with it being pretty expensive, this is very much a late game feature for those that are already highly dedicated to the game. I just feel it should for example be 10million XP to enhance every hero the first time and then it ramps up from there on each individual hero itself, not based on the number of total enhancements you’ve made altogether.

And I would say second enhancing should be 3M XP at most (10 Red drinks). And stacking up by 50% per one, so 15, 23, 35, 52, 78, … Red drinks

It just makes no sense to make something that is recurring every month absurdly expensive.


But even then it’s too much XP. Ports give a poor amount and the campaign is no longer reliable for XP anymore

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I would not have expected to look there. I figured the megabits would be at the top of the inventory. Thanks!

No it’s a big cash cow.

They decreased xp drops, added a feature that take away xp you need for your heroes to this.

I know big spenders who quit because they couldn’t keep up. This is not end game or a good idea the way it’s done, it’s done to get money and nothing else not to be fun or make you want to play.

I saw an article about a similar Star Trek game with no micro transactions and no stamina cool downs, but it is in the Apple Arcade, so a monthly charge.

What was the hero XP drop rate before?

I don’t remember exactly, but I remember you were able to get 30+ red XP drinks from just 18K stamina :man_shrugging:

Also, there’s some more which needs to be included.

Honey Lemon

  • Replace Armor for Skill Power
  • Basic damage, just as for Vanellope is useless for her, this also should be replaced for Skill Power


Why full defence… they aren’t a tank… and even the bonuses themselves are weak, and shield is more of their way to coffin with Dash all around.

  • Replace Armor for Basic Damage
  • Replace Armor (per control) for Skill Power (per control)
  • Replace Shield for Tenacity buff


Sorry… but… does someone hate Scrooge that much, he keeps getting bad badges from the beginning and now even useless Battle Badge… again with normal-damage bonuses, despite dealing only fantastic damage in the skills :roll_eyes:

  • Replace Armor for Skill Power
  • Replace Reality for HP (per damage)
  • Replace Armor Negation for 4 Hardy Stacks
    • He lacks evasion/tenacity just as Basil


Another Yax, full reality is also useless for him.

  • Replace Reality for Skill Power


Just as Vanellope, Disgust has more than enough crit damage… and poor amount of fantastic crit.

  • Replace Crit Damage buff for Fantastic Crit buff


  • Replace speed buff for Evasion buff, his current is low.

Just to making sure… the other suggestions are here:

Some buffs need an improvement…

  • Increasing Energy Gain from 200 to 500
    • One-time 200 energy is useless in comparing to permanent normal/fantastic crit and other buffs
  • Attack and Move Speed (5s version), the duration of this buff should be increased to 10 seconds
  • Energized Buff (25 version), increase amount of energy per basic attack to 40
  • Attack Speed (5s version), increase strength to 60% and its duration to 10 seconds
  • Energized Buff (50 version), increase duration of this buff to 8 seconds and energy per basic attack to 65
  • Attack Speed (10s version), increase strength to 30% and duration to 20 seconds
  • Berserk and Invincibility, increase the durations to 6 seconds

I don’t know if this has been asked yet or not @Polaris but when Demona dies does that count as an ally KO? I’m asking for those heroes that have a Battle Badge that requires 2 allies to die🤔

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@Polaris Hi Polaris and hope you don’t mind me pinging you, but I thought this is relatively important and wanted to let you know quickly.

It seems like the Mega Virus in the Codebase have started to remove buffs at Power level 5 instead of at Power level 15, I think it started after the Scare Vulnerability for the Mega Virus was introduced.
It has made it really hard for me to survive as I don’t have that many new characters in my team, even though I am transitioning to new characters over time when I have the resources.

So yeah, if this could be looked into, like someone accidentally erasing the 1 in 15 code in the Buff Removal power level at 15, or if some other bugs have caused that the Mega Virus after the Scare vulnerability was introduced the Mega Virus removes buffs earlier than Power level 15.

I technically took a video of it, but ir doesn’t seem like it is possible to post here, but if you are in the community Discord Server Musketeer has you should find it.

And yeah, beside that I hope you had a good weekend Polaris and that your forest trip was good :-).

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