4.3- Known Issues

Wait a minute. After the game updated, the revive bug was still not fixed.

Yeah revive issue is still ongoing. Oddly enough it’s not throughout the game though, Hades revives as normal in friend campaigns. Odd since he’s broken everywhere else. Can’t speak to any other revive heros on that as I haven’t hit any in friend campaigns currently.

Anyone noticing that the boosts on Invasion are bugging out too? I used everything whenever there’s between 2-5 creep heroes, yet invincibility expires the moment combat started.

I think they’re going to do a second attempt on fixing it.

Skill tags from boosts are missing. It only shows increased max hp buff.

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Probable bug - when Honey Lemon is taken offscreen by Mr Big, her white skill can be activated offscreen. Her white SFX triggers and then she turns invisible/remains offscreen until picked up again somehow by Mr. Big. She then is visible upon return as long as white isn’t used while she’s offscreen.
Unfortunately no photo/video documentation, sorry. This is unique to Honey Lemon, per experience clearing the surge district. Though Anna seemed to be frozen a ridiculously long time by Mr Big, close to a minute (she ko’d him just before being taken offscreen, then on return remained frozen almost the entire remainder of battle). Seemed too long even with Mr Big’s long freezes.

Jafar’s Scar disk seems not to work - he performs a basic attack first.

Still not fixed after 4.3.12

@Loutre @Nugget

Power crafting is broken after the level cap update. Every time you go to power craft you get a message saying something went wron

Seems to only effect the new badges for Yellow 20 you can power craft badges below that

Can you restart the client and see if that fixes it?

The invasion boosts still don’t work.

Here’s one of the breaker fights lineup

Duke can easily destroy the whole team with his white skill

So use the invincibility and hex boosts should stop him a bit

And here is Duke killing my team three seconds in

No doesn’t work tired restarting and keep getting this

Just seems to be any badge that is required from chapter 61 causes this issue

Yep this sounds right @Loutre.

Because it happens with the “last badge” and that only has two chapter 61 bit-badges.
Any Y20 badge power crafting shows that error.

Besides… Power-crafting Y20 badge with the 2 necessary bit-badges from chapter 61 already crafted causes no issue whatsoever.

It won’t be fixed this week because as said yesterday we’re all doing a retreat so no one is working, but I’ve let the team know.


I just tried using Invincibility and Hex on a breaker fight; the Hex worked fine, but the Invincibility wore off after about 6-7 seconds, several seconds before it should have.

You should all look at this!

The Sheriff activates Sharp Shooter, and the arrow misses Sadness, which is the closest enemy towards him, and instead KO’s Disgust, which is right behind the closest enemy.

Should the Sheriff always target the closest enemy only with his blue skill? I sure hope it is a bug that you might want to fix.

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@Loutre @Nugget

Baymax’s stats are too different :thinking: . or Will there a new refresh? *doubting…*


He has a disk which makes his blue skill target control role enemies.
Disgust is a control hero.


Is your Baymax really at hero level 100?

)… And now at level 144 O2 6 :star: :exploding_head:
:exploding_head::exploding_head: boom :exploding_head::volcano:

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