Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!

Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!

Hello! I am @Disney-Fan and welcome to my first concept contest! Please completely read the guidelines and rules listed below!

Basic Information 

In this contest you will create a concept of an animal from Disney or Pixar. It can be any animal or animal-like creature, such as Gurgi. This does not include characters like Trixie or Mr. Pricklepants from Toy Story since they are actually toys. Please note that the characters main form must be an animal, which means it can’t be like Merlin who can shapeshift into animals.

Concepts can not be submitted before: November 8, 2020
Submissions Due No Later Than: November 28, 2020 by 11:59 PM Central

Once all submissions are in, they will be put into a poll and the forums will decide the winner. I will be putting the guidelines for voting below.

  • Your entry cannot be an already existing character in the game.
  • Your entry cannot be a previously made concept or refreshed/remastered version of a concept
  • It must be from Disney or Pixar (No Star Wars or Marvel)
  • You only get one submission so make sure you are submitting your best.
  • You cannot ask for help from me in making the concept to keep things fair. I am overseeing the contest and will be making sure that all rules are followed. I will also not be voting in the poll.
  • Once you submit your submission for the contest on this thread, you cannot make any major changes to the concept.
  • You cannot under any circumstances vote for your own concept. Anyone who does this will be disqualified from the contest.
  • Please follow the guidelines for submitting- see below.

Submission Guidelines
  • When you submit the concept, put a link that leads to the topic containing the concept. Here is a example submission:

Here is my contest submission! [insert link]

Your Concept Submission must have the following:

  • Name of the Character
  • Image of the Character
  • Description/Bio, Quote, Stars, Role, Position, and Trial Team
  • Animations (Basic Attack, Entrance, Victory, and Defeat in no particular order)
  • All Skills: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red
  • 2 Friendship disks with already existing characters

If a concept is missing any of these items, the submission will not count until all items are present.

Voting Guidelines 

After the submission are closed, all concepts will be put through a bracket style elimination, the order will be chosen by Discobot. You will vote for your favorite and the one for the most votes moves on to the next round. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF . If you do, your vote will not count. This will continue until we have a winner.

The rewards are ultimate bragging rights and some congratulation gifs :grin:. Also, if you have any additional questions feel free to ask me. Now let the contest BEGIN! I hope y’all have fun with this!

List Your Chosen Character Here!

Click the pencil icon to edit below, list your character and your username

Turkey_momo_LV: Tick tock the crocodile (Peter pan)
Grim_grinning_Santa: fifi the peke (Mickey mouse and friends)
GingerbreadCT: Scuttle (The little mermaid)
MissingLure: Gazelle and Tiger Dancers (Zootopia)
Fellow_PigIet: Piglet (Winnie the Pooh)
Filadae_Djaq: Professor Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)
Hoho-its_gonzo Trigger and Nutsy (Robin Hood)
Giosphere: Flash (Zootopia)
Wizard_Rider_VIII: Bernard and Miss Bianca ( The Rescuers)
Imagineer_V: Terk & Tantor (Tarzan) ~ may change this
LetsGetThankfulBro: Heimlich (A Bug’s Life) - For now…
Irrer_Minnie/Minnie_Christmas: Pegasus (Hercules)
@ELEKTRO-Soul:Kaa (The Jungle Book)
Champion David: The vultures from The Jungle Book.
Tragic-Magic: Gosalyn Mallard (Darkwing Duck)
Scarlet_Captain: Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) for the time being. It may change.
@Bruiser: Thumper (A Bug’s Life)


Will be really fun. What is your plan if more than 20 concepts are submitted?


There can be any number of concepts submitted, the number of submitted concepts will determine the bracket style


Aw hecking heck, I gotta get to work on making a connect for ya!

I haven’t had a concept contest in so long!


Actually I’ll think I’ll do tick tock the crocodile

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The forums has not had one since my Pixar one.


I plan on doing chip and dale or Pluto (as a solo concept), this should be fun

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Pluto is already in Minnie’s skill set, so you can not do Pluto since he is technically in game

Looking forward to this!

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This is gonna be fun!! I’ll have my entry ready to go when it comes time!!

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That looks like a fun contest. Will unlikely animal concept be included, like from Jurassic World?


Here’s your answering must be from Disney or Pixar, and Jurassic Park is Universal. But unlikely Disney concepts are welcome!


Unlikely Disney? What’s that?

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Disney character that are probably not going to come like Sergeant Tibbs from 101 Dalmatians

Ohh. I see now

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Seems great! Count me in this contest! :slight_smile:

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I won’t win because my concepts suck but it will still be fun

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In my book everyone wins!


Will the alejbriah’s (spirt animals) from coco count??

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If you don’t enter then you can’t win :wink: and as long as you have fun, I’d count it as a win

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