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I’ve already made a suggestion topic for it a long time ago, but I really think that more bosses should be added. Only ever fighting Mama Bot gets old really quickly. :slightly_frowning_face:

The topic I created also suggested them being an unlockable to make it interesting, perhaps PerBlue could add diamond/bundle exclusive bosses as a way to monetize. Being a very light spender, I wouldn’t even mind. :thinking:


【Summary of each team】




I really hate that our invasion coins and items that we buy do not roll over with each invasion. We are not able to rest the invasion shop like the other shops. So I end up losing around at least 20,000 each invasion that I work hard for. At least make it to where we are able to reset the shop that way we can spend all of our coins. Thanks

Mama Bot is immune to stuns, right?

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